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The Final ABC Family Jane By Design Style Challenge – Get the Look!

Hope you enjoyed the premiere of Jane By Design tonight as much as I did.  If you missed it, I’m sure it will be online real soon.  Can’t wait till next week!  For the seventh and final round of ABC Family‘s Jane By Design Style Challenge, I was told to choose one person I observed during the show and write a “Get the Look.”  With Jane Quimby (Erica Dasher) being the star and leading a double life as a high school student and fashion assistant, obviously, all eyes were on her.  Here’s how to recreate two of my favorite Jane looks so far.  I can’t believe she has this much style and she’s only in high school.

1. 1970s vintage double breasted red military style jacket by Alannah Tandy for Alexecon Youngset (Found on etsy)

2.  Artsy gray tee (Found on Karma Loop)

3.  Jil Sander Navy Skinny Jeans (Found at Saks)

1.  Calvin Klein Collection Black Draped Dress (Found at STYLEBOP.com)

2.  Sterling Silver Onyx Spider Brooch (Found at SilverMineGifts.com)

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I’m truly going to miss the Jane By Design Style Challenge and everything I’ve learned about fashion and about myself these past few weeks. My life just won’t be complete without those emails from Gray twice a week. But, all good things must come to an end. Though I hope I win of course, just like at the Oscars, it’s always great to be nominated and to be among good company. Thank you ABC Family for this opportunity!

ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge #6

Fashion inspiration is everywhere. But, when it comes from food, it absolutely takes the cake.  For Round #6, the second to last round of the ABC Family Jane By Design Style Challenge, I was given a few bags of pretzels and told to make an outfit inspired by them. Yes, you heard correctly.  I made an outfit inspired by a pretzel.  My first reaction was, “What? A pretzel?  How do people in fashion know about carbs anyway let alone build an outfit around one?”

As I stared at the pretzels more, I started thinking about all the tones of brown, tan, and black that I wear.  Then, I started thinking about the iconic shape of a pretzel.  The pieces of dough seem to wrap around each other like a hug.  I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I love carbs so making an outfit surrounding them is kind of a dream come true.  In honor of New Year’s Eve, I took the classic little black dress and paired it with one of my favorite brownish tan sweaters.  New Year’s Eve is cold so you always need a sweater with your little black dress.  I also packed a snack for later in a beige DKNY clutch in the form of (you guessed it) pretzels!  On nights that involve heavy drinking, it’s always important to have a snack for later, especially one that goes with your outfit.

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ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge #5

Hello again ABC Family Fans! Round #5 of my Jane By Design Style Challenge was inspired by the busy life. Like Jane, I also juggle a million things at a time so I can totally relate to never having time to change your look when going from work to a cocktail party. So this challenge totally spoke to me.

I was given a basic white collared button up shirt. Long sleeve for the winter. The challenge called for me to make an outfit for a day at the office and an outfit for an evening cocktail party using the same white shirt and items from my own wardrobe. Since I’m home for the holidays this week, I also took the liberty of “borrowing” a few things from my mother’s and sister’s closets. The lovely long necklaces are compliments of my mom and the leopard print shirt in the evening look was originally a halter top belonging to my sister that I magically turned into a skirt. I have to admit that I’m kind of obsessed with both these outfits. Fashion, no matter how extravagant, is always built on the basics.  When putting together a day in the office look or one fit for a cocktail party, having something like a basic white or a basic black shirt in your wardrobe is so important.  I suggest you get a bunch of basics and build your wardrobe from there.

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ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge #4

For Round #4 of my ABC Family Jane By Design Style Challenge, I spent my Christmas Eve making over an ugly Christmas Sweater Vest into a suitable outfit that I predict will be all the rage for Holiday 2012. So I turned what was originally an ugly Mr. Roger’s Christmas Sweater Vest into a chic holiday half poncho. Not quite a scarf or a poncho, this piece of holiday fashion fits nearly every size making it the must-have item for the upcoming holiday.

In fashion, it’s normal to think six months ahead, but this particular challenge required me to think 12 months ahead keeping me really ahead of the game. Added to a simple holiday party outfit, the Holiday Half Poncho acts as the fashion version of the star on top of the Christmas tree. I envision the half poncho to not only fly off the shelves at stores, they will also be the hot new fashion item to make at home out of all those ugly holiday sweaters hidden in the darkest corners of your closet. So they are a green item that will help the polar bears and fight global warming. I’m sure Mrs. Claus will be wearing one.  What more can you want out of the next holiday fad? Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!  Looking forward to living the Pippa Middleton life in 2012.

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ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge #3

For Round Three of my Jane By Design Style Challenge, I was told to go into my closet and find a purse that best represents me in a way that conveys the very essence of who I am. Having had a passion for purses from an early age, I fully embraced this challenge.   According to Gray Chandler Murray, “You can judge a person based on the purse they carry.  A sloppy bag shows the world that you are a disheveled mess, very likely in need of group therapy.  A matronly purse says you are uptight, humorless and quite possibly spending your nights alone, with only your cat for company.  But the right bag represents you better than any other accessory can. The right bag reveals the best aspects of your personality, winning you affection and admiration wherever you go.”  I for one completely agree.  That’s why the purse I chose out of my extensive collection is more than just a purse to me, it’s a companion.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but purses are a girl’s soulmate. I bought this lovely Coach handbag at a Florida outlet right before my last semester of college when I was trying to put together a more sophisticated wardrobe.  Nearly three years later, it still looks like new.  When I graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Advertising in May 2009, that bag was with me on every interview, apartment hunt, and subway ride.  During that turbulent time, it became the only constant thing in my life.  I’ll always be grateful for the purse that kept me stylish and sane when I first moved to New York.  Since I wear a lot of purple, it goes with almost everything in my wardrobe.

Share the bag that best represents you on the Jane By Design Facebook Page.  In order to up my chances of getting my blog mentioned on the show, be sure to say Aspiring Socialite sent you.   Tune into the premiere of Jane By Design on ABC Family Tuesday Jan. 3rd at 9/8c!