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How to Wrap a Holiday Gift Like a Pro

Christmas Gifts

I’m really not domestic at all, but I may be one of the few people in the world who actually loves to wrap presents. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I even ask people to give me their gifts so I can wrap them. There’s just something relaxing about watching a holiday special and wrapping gifts in front of the TV.

For those of you doing last minute wrapping on Christmas Eve, here’s the secret formula my Mom taught me for wrapping the perfect gift. The trick is really to keep the edges straight and adhere the paper as close as you can to the gift to give it a clean look.

Step 1:

Gift Wrapping

Take the amount of paper you need from the roll (more is better than less) and tape it securely to the middle of the back of the box.

Tip: Boxes are always easiest wrap. In recent years, stores have gotten stingy with boxes so save your boxes and reuse them from year to year. 

Step 2:

gift wraping

Cut the excess paper off the other side if needed, fold the edge over about an inch for a straight edge and tape toward the middle. Make sure it’s taped tight around the package, but not so tight that you tear the paper.

Step 3:

how to wrap a gift

Fold the edges down as far as you can and cut them down as needed. You may even want to cut them before folding them down if they are very long.

Step 4:

gifts santa

Fold the bottom edge up until it’s around 3/4 of the way to the other end and tape it down on both ends to hold it taunt.

Step 5:

Christmas gift wrapping

Fold the top edge over to make it straight and fold it over until it’s around 3/4 of the way to the end. Tape it and do the same on the other side.

Step 6:

North Pole

Admire your perfect edge and feel free to add bows, ribbons and more.

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ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge #4

For Round #4 of my ABC Family Jane By Design Style Challenge, I spent my Christmas Eve making over an ugly Christmas Sweater Vest into a suitable outfit that I predict will be all the rage for Holiday 2012. So I turned what was originally an ugly Mr. Roger’s Christmas Sweater Vest into a chic holiday half poncho. Not quite a scarf or a poncho, this piece of holiday fashion fits nearly every size making it the must-have item for the upcoming holiday.

In fashion, it’s normal to think six months ahead, but this particular challenge required me to think 12 months ahead keeping me really ahead of the game. Added to a simple holiday party outfit, the Holiday Half Poncho acts as the fashion version of the star on top of the Christmas tree. I envision the half poncho to not only fly off the shelves at stores, they will also be the hot new fashion item to make at home out of all those ugly holiday sweaters hidden in the darkest corners of your closet. So they are a green item that will help the polar bears and fight global warming. I’m sure Mrs. Claus will be wearing one.  What more can you want out of the next holiday fad? Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!  Looking forward to living the Pippa Middleton life in 2012.

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Christmas Eve by Bergdorf Goodman

Since the moment I saw this collectors worthy Bergdorf Goodman Snow Globe from the Franz Collection, I knew it was something every Aspiring Socialite should have on her mantel atop a rolling fire.  Showing a scenic view of the Bergdorf Goodman storefront in the winter of another time, this piece evokes thoughts of family and friends bearing holiday greetings.  Not to mention the millions of deals to be found during the after Christmas sales bound to take place inside that very department store beginning December 26.

Sometimes beauty and luxury can be found in the simple details such as the flicker of a light or the care you took in wrapping that special gift.  I know it’s not Thanksgiving, but before you unwrap your gifts, take a moment to admire your tree and be thankful for what you do have.  Take a break for a while, but, come New Year’s Eve remember to pick up where you left off in your socialite aspirations.  For 2011 holds far more of high society to conquer.  For example, I strongly admire the fine detail the artists at Bergdorf Goodman put into their holiday window displays centered around the theme of travel.