This Thanksgiving Give the Vegetarians a Seat at the Table

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all. This year I am thankful for the people who make it a point to remember the vegetarians sitting at their table. As an aspiring socialite I am not only picky about my style, I also pay very close attention to the food I ingest. I am sad to say that I have spent numerous Thanksgivings eating nothing, but chex mix and dinner rolls while the carnivores feasted. But, thanks to my understanding family who have grown to know me a bit too well, my vegetarian ways and I now have a seat at the table.

Vegetarian food doesn’t have to cramp your style this holiday season. We don’t want you to do away with the turkey we just want options. It is actually very simple to integrate vegetarian options into your meal. If a salad is being presented and it includes meat, keep it on the side giving your guests the choice of adding it or not. Do not add substances such as bacon to the mashed potatoes unless you have made two batches, one with and one without bacon. If you insist on adding chicken stock or some other kind of animal product to the stuffing let your vegetarian guests know to steer clear of it. Other comfort foods that fit in with the Thanksgiving theme include macaroni and cheese or a spinach dish. These are sides your entire table can enjoy that act as the primary dish for your often excluded vegetarian guests. So show the vegetarians in your life some love this holiday season and they just may spend more money than they planned on your Christmas gift. It’s good karma.

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