New York Fashion Week: Herve Leger SS16

For SS16, Max and Lubov Azria celebrated the 30th anniversary of Hervé Léger by Max Azria by evolving beyond their signature bandage dress. For Spring 2016 the design house focused on highly textured patterns and innovative surface designs.

Herve Leger SS16 final walk

I loved their cutting edge use of neutrals, especially white. Their textured designs combined with neutral tones, make the onlooker see and remember the woman wearing the dress rather than just the dress. For the final walk, they showed some of their signature pieces curated from 2009 to the present which were amazing to see all together on the runway.

Herve Leger SS16

Herve Leger SS16 Fashion Week

Herve Leger

Herve Leger SS16 little black dress

Herve Leger SS16 bangage dress

final walk Herve Leger SS16 runway New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week: GEORGINE SS16

Over the past few New York Fashion Weeks, I’ve become a huge fan of GEORGINE. I absolutely love everything about her fun and in your face designs. In spite of the fact that I’m a strict vegetarian, I would totally sport one of her furs in a second. So when I was invited to see her SS16 collection at Skylight Moynihan Station, I couldn’t wait!

Georgine SS16

While I’m not sure what the inspiration behind this collection was, I totally got 60s and 70s vibes. I especially loved how she found creative ways to incorporate bright furs into her spring collection.

SS16 New York Fashion Week Georgine

New York Fashion Week Models Runway



Fashion Week SS16 Georgine

Georgine Final Walk

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Labor Day Weekend in New Hampshire

I just spent an amazing Labor Day weekend at the Waterville Valley Resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. There I went hiking, enjoyed the great outdoors and attended a beautiful family wedding.

lake New Hampshire

Since half of my family lives up there, I’ve visited New Hampshire all my life. But, I still can’t get over the natural beauty of it’s lakes, forests and mountains. They always seem to bring out my outdoorsy side (even when I think I don’t have one). I hope to spend more time in New Hampshire next summer and go on a ski trip in the White Mountains this winter. Fingers crossed!

Congratulations to Casey and Brendan! You couldn’t have picked a better place to get married.

Hiking White Mountains New Hampshire

hiking New hampshire

New Hampshire hiking

Nature New Hampshire

Waterfall New Hampshire

Wildflowers New Hampshire

hiking in the woods

White Mountains New Hampshire

waterville valley resort


Cousin pic!

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Exploring Seattle

I recently took a trip with my boyfriend and his family to Seattle to explore the city and see his cousin get married. Being the super busy blogger/copywriter/traveler that I am, of course I waited until weeks after returning to NYC to post about it. During the trip, we visited the Pike Place Market, took a fab day trip to Bainbridge Island and went to Lairmont Manor in Bellingham for a beautiful wedding.  We also discovered delicious coffee shops and had a blast in Pioneer Square.

Pike Place Market Seattle Waterfront

Visiting Seattle reminded me just how much I love the chill culture of the West Coast. The East Coast is nice and all, but we really need to be more laid back out here. In Seattle, everything is so chill and laid back that you forget that it’s cloudy most of the time. After exploring and experiencing all the beautiful art, character and beauty of Seattle, I totally see why Starbucks, Edward Cullen and Christian Grey call it home. Can’t wait to visit again soon!

Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Space Needle

Bainbridge Island

Seattle Travel

Seattle Great Wheel

Cherry Street Coffee House

flowers Pike Place Market

Wedding Lairmont Manor


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What to look for in a Diamond Ring

Once you’ve ended your search for love, the search for diamonds begins! When it comes time to start buying rings, things can get pretty stressful. Everybody wants that perfect ring that their significant other will immediately fall in love with the second they lay their eyes on it. Unfortunately, it isn’t the easiest task. There are hundreds of millions of diamond rings on the market today and it can prove to be extremely difficult and time consuming to find the perfect fit for the one you love.

Eternal Diamonds

In order to take some steps towards finding the right engagement ring, it’s important to not jump into things, and evaluate what you are looking for before heading out to the stores. Although many brides-to-be are not changing their views on the traditional expensive engagement rings, finding the perfect ring to show your bride how perfect they are to you is still extremely important.

There are many factors to look at when looking to find that perfect diamond ring. Engagement rings are not the easiest accessories to shop for, and therefore it is important to analyze different factors. Four important factors to look at when looking for the perfect ring are the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

The first factor is cut. Many believe that a diamond’s cut refers to its shape, but rather, it refers to the diamond’s proportions, symmetry and polish. This factor is one of the most difficult to quantify and put a value on, as every different consumer has different tastes and thus it is important to find a ring that really appeals to your senses, no matter what the trends in the marketplace are. A poorly cut diamond will seem dull, no matter how astonishing the other factors may be. For this reason, cut is considered to be the most important factor when buying a diamond.

Next, it is important to look at the color of the diamond. Diamonds come in many different colors, some more majestic than others such as pink, blue and yellow. However, when a diamond is pure white and does not have any tint of yellow, it will be at its highest value. There is a GIA color scale which classifies the different colors of the diamonds and gives them a different grade. This ultimately determines the value of the diamond based on the factor of color.

Furthermore, a factor to evaluate is clarity. Due to the fact that diamonds are formed under extreme heat and pressure, there are imperfections present in the jewel. Clarity is a factor that looks at how evident and present these imperfections are. Those with less evident imperfections are worth more, because the imperfections interfere with the light path of the diamond. For this factor, there is also a GIA scale to classify it.

Finally, the last factor is carat weight. Diamonds are distributed by the carat, which is actually their weight, although it is commonly believed that this refers to size. If the buyer is dead set on the weight and size of the diamond, this factor could prove to be the most important. However, if they are indifferent, it will likely be one of the less looked at factors.

As a whole, shopping for engagement rings and diamonds is extremely difficult and it is important to evaluate all of the factors. Before jumping into any purchase for an item as critical as a ring, look at all the different variables and then make a conclusion. Find the perfect diamond by evaluating these factors accordingly.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own.

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