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ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge #6

Fashion inspiration is everywhere. But, when it comes from food, it absolutely takes the cake.  For Round #6, the second to last round of the ABC Family Jane By Design Style Challenge, I was given a few bags of pretzels and told to make an outfit inspired by them. Yes, you heard correctly.  I made an outfit inspired by a pretzel.  My first reaction was, “What? A pretzel?  How do people in fashion know about carbs anyway let alone build an outfit around one?”

As I stared at the pretzels more, I started thinking about all the tones of brown, tan, and black that I wear.  Then, I started thinking about the iconic shape of a pretzel.  The pieces of dough seem to wrap around each other like a hug.  I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I love carbs so making an outfit surrounding them is kind of a dream come true.  In honor of New Year’s Eve, I took the classic little black dress and paired it with one of my favorite brownish tan sweaters.  New Year’s Eve is cold so you always need a sweater with your little black dress.  I also packed a snack for later in a beige DKNY clutch in the form of (you guessed it) pretzels!  On nights that involve heavy drinking, it’s always important to have a snack for later, especially one that goes with your outfit.

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