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How to Style a Little Black Dress for a Destination Wedding


A couple days ago, I attended the beautiful wedding of my good friends Joan and Jonathan on a sunny beach in Cancun. As you might already know, it’s tough to find a tropical looking dress in the dead of winter. So I went with a classic little black dress by Cynthia Rowley and styled it with the brightest of accessories. I started with my favorite pair of Anne Klein yellow heels (similar) to match the sun and complimented them with gold accessories in the form of my vintage store find Just Cavalli bag and a Glass Layering Necklace (similar) from C.Wonder. Now, if only I could click my yellow heels together and immediately be transported out of chilly New York back to the beaches of Cancun…

dressed up


I could get used to sunshine and yellow shoes

Little Black Dress

Before the ceremony, I couldn’t help but strike a pose

destination wedding

The ceremony was beautiful

Hot couple

My boyfriend and I had a blast!

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Guest Post: 7 Ways to Care for Your Glasses


With a range of affordable and easy to care for eyeglasses, I recommend Coastal Contacts for anyone looking for the latest styles and classic fashions. Every potential glasses wearer should also be fully aware of the best ways to look after their favorite pair of glasses and make them last as long as possible.  All glasses wearers, from newbies to long-standing devotees, should take a careful look at the following tips to ensure their specs are sparkling.

1. Always aim to clean your glasses regularly and correctly with a specially designed solution. This can also be used alongside treated microfiber hand cloths to keep glasses in the best of condition.  Always rinse any excess moisture thoroughly and then allow to air dry.

2. Make sure that your glasses are protected in the best possible way. When you’re not wearing them, always store them in a hard glasses case. This goes double for night time, when a stray arm or leg can easily knock a pair of specs to the floor, possibly causing damage.

3. Inspect regularly! Make sure that the screws are tightened correctly and that the frames are perfectly in proportion and aligned correctly and comfortably. If they happen to be loose, you can use a small precision screwdriver to tighten the screws.  If you are not feeling too confident in doing this, a local optician will usually be able to do it as a courtesy.

4. Never store your glasses near sources of heat. Leaving specs by a radiator or a fireplace can easily warp frames and significantly weaken treated lenses. Simply pay attention to just where you’re putting your specs down, and always use your hardened carry case.

5. Make sure your glasses stay secure during sports and activities with an eyeglasses chain or strap. These accessories can instantly stop any looseness or danger of slipping off the face. An obvious must in energetic endeavours, these products can save your glasses from the brink of disaster!

6. Use both hands when taking specs off. It may well remind you of an intellectual old professor to remove them one handed, but in terms of glasses protection it is a definite no-no. Slowly and evenly take them off with two hands, so as not to put any unwarranted pressure on the frames.

7. Always avoid placing your specs on the top of head. No matter how relaxed it may seem, it could potentially cause all sorts of problems for your beloved pair. Hair grease and fibers can create a harmful form of damage and the hard skull of the head can bend the frames out of alignment.

This guest post was written by Serenay Taylor, a freelance style and fashion writer. She is also a full-time glasses wearer. 

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Holiday Gifts for the Girls!


1. Urban Decay Naked2 Eyeshadow Set  2. Nail Polish Diary Set  3. Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things  4. Vestige Lipstick Holder  5. Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Makeup Primer

for the home

1. Bow Wine Stopper  2. Orange Chai Candle  3. Kate Spade Eat Cake for Breakfast Mug  4. Martha Stewart Collection Park Birds Hanging Salt and Pepper Shakers  5. Vintage Cocktails by Brian Van Flandern  6. Kate Spade Escape the Ordinary Scented Candle

holiday gifts

1. Michael Kors Large Runway Rose Gold Watch  2. Dooney & Bourke – Florentine Vachetta Satchel  3. Talisman Dagger Pendant  4. See by Chloe Carmen Mini Camera Bag  5. Deer Beads Earrings

More Girly Gifts for the Holidays

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Stone Jewelry: What to Look For in Next Year’s Big Trend


Fashion is all about coming up with something new. High fashion wants to be bolder, brasher, more elegant, more surreal. We can’t always make the styles we see on the catwalk wearable, but one of the most promising areas we can take inspiration from is the jewelry. Stones are playing a large part in accessory trends this year, and it’s only a matter of time before we start including them in our everyday outfits.


Emerald is one of the most vibrant choices. Look for large cut stones hugged by a gold holding base, simple silver chains, or bracelets with flecks of color and serpentine rings with green eyes. Try matching to the passion for white on the catwalk or returning to vintage style a la Downton Abbey. For those that wear darker more sumptuous styles, emerald is an excellent choice when combined with the LBD and dark evening wear.


A controversial, but growing jewelry choice is to include pieces of amber on silver jewelry. Although technically not a stone, this resin deserves a place due to its slow burn popularity and powerful warm coloring. The icy backdrop makes the rich oranges and reds pop. Jewelers are creating far more stylized silver jewelry accented with stones to bring complex designs to life. Look for beautifully polished surfaces of amber resin or the modernist twisting and wrapping of silver across the stone’s surface.

Colored Crystal

Colored crystal is an incredibly versatile accessory with a variety of textures and shapes for different looks. For a strong rocker look, jagged chunks of crystal set on a think base of gold are becoming popular. Mixing luxury with the hard edge of the rocker lifestyle is often seen on the runway. Sleeker pieces of blue and purple crystal are perfect for evening wear and look stunning against a purple or white outfit.


Sapphires are currently huge in Indian fashion. Sapphire stones are great for any skin tone and they complement both silver and gold perfectly while adding a rich splash of color to any outfit. Look for chunky stone rings, traditional chandelier earrings, or simple pendants with one large stone. Due to its strong color, sapphires are good candidates for street style accessorizing.


Agate is incredibly varied in color and pattern, this soft-toned stone makes a great accessory for those interested in tribal styles as well as an option for people who prefer pastel colored pieces. Pair agate with a tribal outfit of warm oranges and browns. High fashion prefers to use the raw product. I’ve seen a number of chain necklaces linking shards of agate in different jewel tones worn with a muted bohemian outfit.


Though everyday people are still struggling to escape the claws of the recession, there’s no reason not to follow the latest fashions. If you’re looking for a one of a kind piece, make it! A number of jewelry making sites have burst onto the scene over the last couple of years and now is the best time to experiment with creating stone bead bracelets and shard necklaces. You can follow the rough-cut agate trend very easily by making your own pieces of jewelry.

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Guest Post: 5 Quick Tips to Finding the Best Sunglasses to Suit Your Personality


Burberry Sunglasses | Nike Sunglasses | Prada Sunglasses

Shopping for sunglasses can be tough. Not everything you like will look good on your face, and you’re going to initially dislike some of the styles that look best on you. But, it’s not all about looks, it’s also about personality. There are sunglasses for each temperament; you just have to find the right ones! Just answer these five questions prior to going sunglasses shopping and you’ll be home with your new babies in no time.

1. Do you want attention? If the answer is yes, then opt for oversized frames and indulge in embellishments of all sorts. Go for the funky, colorful frames. If the answer is no, decide on the classics with small frames that fit your face in neutral colors.

2. Are you active? If you’re into sports and being outdoors, go for sports sunglasses. They have high protection lenses and will keep your eyes safe and sound. If you’re not that active, you can go for fashion sunglasses which offer UV protection, but are also stylish.

3. Do you want to be a trendsetter? If you’re a follower, you’ll go for bling and/or mirror lenses. If you want to set the trend, look for unique sunglasses at thrift shops, vintage fairs, or on Etsy. Click here for more trendsetting styles.

4. Are you in charge? If you want to show your authority, wear aviator sunglasses. They’re often associated with power, since they were initially worn by policemen. If you are submissive, go for a classic Wayfarer style that is square and easy to wear.

5. Are you a romantic? If you’re nostalgic over decades you haven’t even lived in, select classic Hollywood styles of oversized, oval sunglasses or cat eyes. If you’re a realistic modern girl, go for the round sunglasses with a keyhole brow or steampunk frames.

This guest post was written by Daria P. who contributes for GlassesOnWeb.com and CelebritySunglassesWatcher.com. She also runs her own fashion blog called Kittenhood.

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