Feeling Uplifted

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Upbra Lucky BrandPhotos by: Katie Salerno

So I’m starting this post with the after picture because there’s nothing like an after picture to capture your attention. I recently tried an Upbra with one of my favorite low cut 70s-inspired tops (this one is similar) and it really made a difference. Upbra has a line of adjustable push up bras and swimwear for those days where you just want to show off more of the goods. They can make anything from casual tops to fancy dresses even more flattering.

Now here’s my before photo:

Upbra Before Photo Lucky Brand Top

And one more after shot…


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own. 

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Our Magical Engagement Photos in Lake Runnymede Conservation Area Part Two

engagement photo session

I can’t get enough of my engagement photos. I’m in love which has resulted in yet another post. Here is part two of the engagement session that went down at Lake Runnymede Conservation Area. If you want to see more too you can check out part one of my engagement shoot and my boho engagement photos. I’m so lucky to have found the man of my dreams, my engagement/wedding photographer Emily Prada and this beautiful location all of which I almost didn’t find.

It’s great when the universe gives you just want you needed. I’m a true believer in The Secret, the Law of Attraction and the abundance of the universe and these photos are living proof of it all. I can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for us next!

Photos by: Emily Prada 

Romantic Engagement Photos

Aspiring Socialite Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos Lake Runnymede Conservation Area

Florida Engagement Photos

Emily Prada Engagement Session

Beautiful Engagement Photos

Amazing Engagement Photos

Engaged Couple

Engagement Photos in Florida

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area

Engagement Photos in Lake Runnymede Conservation Area

Our Magical Engagement Photos in Lake Runnymede

Engagement Photo Lake Runnymede

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Wedding Shoe Shopping!

Wedding Shoes Jay Kaplan Shoes Wedding PlanningMy top picks: Jay Kaplan – Riley (left) and Jay Kaplan – Avery (right)

Now that my engagement photos are done, the dress is picked out and the florist is booked, the next step in my wedding planning process is to find a pair of iconic wedding shoes. I’m getting my dress altered in the beginning of August and it’s important that I bring the shoes I’m going to wear on the big day to the appointment so they can hem the dress correctly. A lot of my friends who are already married said they were surprised by how much their shoes showed up in the photos. So I want to make sure I find the perfect pair and I think I have.

Shoe designer Jay Kaplan has found a way to give shoe lovers everywhere the best of both worlds. His gorgeous shoes are Italian leather quality at made in China prices. I can tell you from experience that his shoes really do live up to that promise. Not only are the designs breathtaking, they also feel divine on your feet. I never thought it would be possible to wear a shoe like this on my wedding day or any day without dropping $800 at Neiman Marcus. But, now I can. While some shoes may give you the look of a high end shoe, Jay Kaplan’s collection gives you both the look and the quality for $100 or less.

After spending a fortune on invites, a venue, a dress, decorations and everything else you need for a wedding, it’s so refreshing to find a couture quality wedding shoe that’s just as stunning as it is affordable. I think I’m going to give my bridesmaids a break too by having them buy the Jay Kaplan – Madeline in Gold. Not only are they beautiful, but I know for sure that they’ll be able to wear them again. As for me, it was a tough choice, but I think I’m going to go with the Jay Kaplan – Riley for my wedding. You can check out more of the Riley’s lacy details in the photos below.

Even if you’re not in the market for a wedding shoe, Jay Kaplan has a ton of beautiful heels, flats and handbags all on Amazon Prime. At these prices, I plan on shopping more. Check out his full collection here and you’ll never have to drop an entire paycheck on a pair of shoes again.

JAY KAPLAN 700 Dollar Gorgeous All Leather Dress Pump Made in Spain with Gorgeous Elegant Brooch, Avery

JAY KAPLAN 400 Dollar Beautiful Womens All Leather Very Elegant High Heel Pump, Made in Spain, Riley

Jay Kaplan Shoes

Jay Kaplan Heel

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Boho Engagement Photos

Boho Engagement Photos

Years ago a psychic on the Upper East Side told me that I was going to meet a guy who lives in New York. But, I wouldn’t meet him in NYC, we would both be away, come back and immediately start dating. “This will be serious and lead to marriage,” she said.  Well, it looks like she was right.

Now that her prediction has come true, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of a bride I want to be. I fully plan on being a boho bride and I’m so happy with how Emily Prada captured our hippie sides in these beautiful photos.  I’ve always been a free spirit and throughout our relationship I’ve certainly made Ian more adventurous while he’s made me more grounded. So here we are a happy and free gypset couple that’s still grounded in the real world. I couldn’t be more thankful to have such beautiful photos that captured this side of us.

My maxi dress is Yumi Kim. This Yumi Kim – Dream Maxi (Candle Light Romance) Women’s Dress is similar and so is this one.

For more of our engagement photos in Lake Runnymede Conservation Area, check out part one of our first engagement shoot.

Photos by: Emily Prada

Boho Bride Engagement Photos

Boho Bride

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area Osceola County

Boho Engagement Shoot

Wanderlust Engagement Photos

Yumi Kim Maxi Dress

Engagement photos Emily Prada

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area Osceola Florida

Engagement Photos Aspiring Socilaite

Engagement Ring Boho Engagement Photos

Boho Engagement

Boho Babe Engagement Session

Engagement Photography

Boho Bride Engagement Session

engagement photo boho bride

Boho Engagement Photos Aspiring Socialite

Aspiring Socialite Engagement Session

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Sweet Moment in Chinatown

I’m always looking for cute places to visit and Sweet Moment NYC is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to get a fab Instagram of some serious latte art. So I went down to Mott Street to see what it was all about.

Sweet Moment Latte Art Chinatown NYC

I went in and immediately asked for their famous latte art. I ordered this fab cold thai latte and went toward the window to take a photo. If you’re going to get a good Instagram at Sweet Moment be sure to sit by the window. The windowsill is the best place to get one.

A half an hour later I finally took a sip of my latte. It tasted a lot like ice cream. It’s thick, sweet and cold. It’s a lot more like a dessert than a coffee. Speaking of dessert, Sweet Moment NYC also has some baller desserts.

All in all, this was a successful trip! Sweet Moment is adorable and so was my latte. I highly recommend stopping by next time you’re in NYC. If you’re looking for another place to get your latte on, check out my post on Cha Cha Matcha.

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