Arm Party!

Arm Party

The other day, I paired some of my favorite pieces with a fresh coat of nail polish and threw myself an arm party. Those in attendance included my C.Wonder Enamel Initial Cuff, Eye of Ja Malachite Tassel Bangle, Kendra Scott Naomi Double Ring and a vintage Timex.  My nail polish was Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture - Venice Beach Venus. I then topped off my accessories binge with an iced coffee from one of my favorite coffee shops. Party on!


coffee style

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How to Make Everyday a Fashion Show

Coco Chanel fashion quote

Life is meant to be lived to its fullest, and that starts with being proud of who you are. There’s no shame in showing the world your confidence and style. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you don’t have to be a movie star or a supermodel to have style, and you don’t have to be a millionaire to be classy and admired.

Finding Your Personal Style

Being chic and classy begins with being yourself and having a clear understanding of what works for you. Once you know what looks work for you, start combining them with what’s in style. Fashion recommendations come to us constantly without us even searching for them. We’re bombarded so often, that most of us don’t even pay attention. However, it never hurts to keep your eyes open and make a note of what you like or what you’d like to avoid.

The Cherry on Top

Once you have a clear feel for the kind of style you have and how you’d like it to evolve, every day really becomes a fashion show. To go along with the classy themes that I like to embody, I’d love to someday sport a Rolex. Though it’s not cheap, it’s the quintessential accessory for any man or woman who wants to show (not tell) that he or she is the embodiment of class and ambition. The Rolex, as you all know, is much more than just a watch or a gorgeous piece of jewelry, it’s a statement of passion and drive. If you’re interested in a myriad styles of stunning timepieces, go to either The Watch Buyers Group or ALTIN place and enjoy bringing your daily fashion show to the next level.

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Travel Aspirations

Travel Dream Vacation

One of the biggest things I’ve always admired about socialites is their ability to travel. From summers in Ibiza to winters in Aspen, socialites love to see and experience the world in style. When you’re spending half your income on New York City rent, the prospect of jet-setting around the world quickly goes out the window. This year, my boyfriend and I decided to really buckle down and save money for a trip to Europe. Should all go well, we’ll fly across the Atlantic in summer 2015.

Saving money has never been my forte. But, now that I’m saving for something exciting, I might be more inclined to put away a few dollars for a rainy day (in London that is.) Wish me luck!

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Support Breast Cancer Awareness with Accessory Concierge

Accessory Concierge - Tough As Nails

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month just around the corner, it’s time to explore the many ways you can support this noble cause. Not just during the month of October, but throughout the year. As a woman, fashion blogger and human being, finding a cure for breast cancer is a cause very close to my heart. Though I never cease to be moved by the powerful stories of survival, it’s my hope that someday we find a cure for this devastating disease and all other forms of cancer.

That being said, it’s often difficult to know for sure what products claiming to be associated with Breast Cancer Awareness actually support breast cancer research and programs. Just because a product has a pink ribbon on it, doesn’t mean that the profits from it are actually supporting breast cancer victims or funding research. So it’s important to do a little research of your own to make sure you’re actually shopping for a cause.

When I came across a new line from Accessory Concierge in which 20% of the proceeds are being donated to the Breast Cancer Fund, I knew that I had to help spread the word. Aside from supporting a wonderful cause, the Fight Like a Girl Cuff, Here Comes a Fighter Cuff and the Tough As Nails Necklace are all stylish additions to your jewelry box. Whether you’re a survivor, friend of a survivor or simply want to help, you can wear these pieces with pride knowing that you made a difference.

Fight Like a Girl Cuff

Fight Like a Girl Cuff

Tough as Nails Necklace Breast Cancer

Tough as Nails Necklace

Here Comes a Fighter Brass Cuff

Here Comes a Fighter Brass Cuff

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Never Grow Up with PLOOSH Animal Purses

PLOOSH animal purses

On the first day of New York Fashion Week, I sat next to two girls at the Meskita show carrying the cutest hippo purses. They turned out to be Sasha Iastremska and Yuriy Zubarev, the founders of the PLOOSH Luxury Toy Collection – a line of fab adult animal purses for risk-taking fashionistas who refuse to grow up. When you were a kid, you never left home without your favorite stuffed animal. Now, PLOOSH purses can bring you the same joy and comfort that your favorite teddy bear gave you so long ago.

The collection centered around giving adults the opportunity to relive their childhoods while exploring their fun, free-spirited personal style, first came onto the accessories scene during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami in 2013. Each line features various versions of handcrafted, enchanting and sophisticated hippo and elephant handbags.

PLOOSH purses are are made solely with genuine leather imported from Italy and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Each handbag is one-of-a-kind. The PLOOSH DownTowN collection released in 2014 offers edgier, more accessible animal purses made with relaxed fabrics and faux leathers. The collections are sold at luxury retailers such as Henri Bendel along with boutiques and e-boutiques throughout the United States.

As a child at heart, I love the notion of playful luxury. But, what I love most about these adorably chic purses is that they are total conversation starters. I want one so bad!


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