ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge #5

Hello again ABC Family Fans! Round #5 of my Jane By Design Style Challenge was inspired by the busy life. Like Jane, I also juggle a million things at a time so I can totally relate to never having time to change your look when going from work to a cocktail party. So this challenge totally spoke to me.

I was given a basic white collared button up shirt. Long sleeve for the winter. The challenge called for me to make an outfit for a day at the office and an outfit for an evening cocktail party using the same white shirt and items from my own wardrobe. Since I’m home for the holidays this week, I also took the liberty of “borrowing” a few things from my mother’s and sister’s closets. The lovely long necklaces are compliments of my mom and the leopard print shirt in the evening look was originally a halter top belonging to my sister that I magically turned into a skirt. I have to admit that I’m kind of obsessed with both these outfits. Fashion, no matter how extravagant, is always built on the basics.  When putting together a day in the office look or one fit for a cocktail party, having something like a basic white or a basic black shirt in your wardrobe is so important.  I suggest you get a bunch of basics and build your wardrobe from there.

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