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Happy Gossip Girl Day!

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Gossip Girl Style Fashion

Three years ago today, Mayor Bloomberg celebrated the 100th episode of Gossip Girl by declaring January 26th Gossip Girl Day. In honor of the occasion, I put together a look inspired by the ever controversial Jenny Humphrey and shot it on my Manhattan rooftop.

About the Look

After much debate, I chose to capture Jenny Humphrey’s style because her many transitions in and out of high society truly capture the spirit of the Aspiring Socialite. Though I didn’t always agree with her choices throughout the show, she proved to us all that even a girl from the most humble means can become the ultimate Upper East Side queen bee. This look was super simple to put together. I wore a grey sweater dress, black leggings, plaid schoolgirl knee socks (from an old schoolgirl Halloween costume) and black wedges. To get Jenny’s dark makeup look I used Kat Von D Ink Liner.

My Favorite Gossip Girl Moment

My favorite Gossip Girl moment of all time was in Season 1, Episode 12 when they broke into the school and threw a booze-filled pool party. I also loved all the times Serena got cases of champagne delivered to her at school and the many occasions in which Jenny outsmarted Blair.

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Gossip Girl Day NYC

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Guest Post: You Wear What you Watch

Pretty Little Liars

Runway fashion is awe-inspiring and often goes on to awaken street style and the looks you see at your local department store. But where do we really get our biggest fashion inspiration from? The answer is our favorite movies and TV shows. Lately, the world of entertainment has been not only a huge trendsetter, but the source of major fashion movements. So if you suffer from a continuous “I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear-syndrome,” here are a few characters to take some inspiration from.

Pretty Little Liars Style Icons

Currently, the main show serving as a fashion muse for almost every fashionista is Pretty Little Liars. PLL literally has something for everyone.

spencer hastings outfit

If you’re sophisticated, yet classy then Spencer Hastings is your girl. Like every great prepster, she’s too chic to be nerdy. Spencer’s fine and elegant school girl fashion sense is never out of place and is easy to pull off everyday.

hanna marin style

If you’re into ultra girly glamour than Hannah Marin should be your style role model. She’s always immaculately dressed to impress. Though she sometimes goes a little overboard with the bling, Hannah knows how to perfectly accessorize her looks. Girls looking for a flirty and girly way to dress up can take inspiration from this young fashionista.

Chasing Life and Style

Chasing Life TV

Not many may agree that Chasing Life is a fashion inspiration. But for people who are new to their jobs and want a simple yet charmingly casual look, then Ms. April Carver can be your inspiration. This girl is obviously going through a tough time in her life, but with friends and family like hers, it wouldn’t hurt much to dress nice.

Beauty (who dresses well) and the Beast

cat 1

If we talk about the show in particular I am not much of a fan but, Catherine Chandler dresses so well that one can’t miss an episode. From her perfect jackets to pretty dresses, the girl is a walking fashion magazine. If you like to keep things extremely chic, follow her fashion.

The Vampire (and my fashion) Diaries


This show was a hit for its first few seasons, lost its fan following but regained them all back through the latest season. If we forget the show itself for a moment, the dresses and outfits featured on it are just perfect.

There’s something about Elena Gilbert’s style that gets us all swooning every time she makes her appearance. If we look at Elena’s style sense, she’s never over or underdressed and everything is always in place, no matter if she’s dressed casual,  semi-formal or formal.

Caroline Forbes is another fashion girl crush from the show. The outspoken yet super stylish Caroline loves to keep it girly and sometimes edgy. You’ll see her in an adorable girly dress one day and the next day she’ll be killing it with some edgy and sultry pieces.

The list can go on and on. Have fun fashion lovers and stay fabulous!

This guest post was written by Sheerin, a content writer for Sophie & Trey, an online clothing store for women offering a large variety of dresses, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Like them on Facebook to stay updated with the latest deals and sales.

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5 Apps for the Fashionably Mobile

Fashion Tech

Being a fashionista can be a big responsibility. But with the right apps your calling as a role model and stylist can be made a little easier. Whether it’s finding the best deals or making a little money on the side, here are five free apps you simply must have:

1. Poshmark

If you’re looking to have your own rummage sale or find a good deal on your favorite designer items, you simply must download Poshmark. I use it to make a little extra money from clothes and accessories I’m not using. Living in pricy NYC, the extra cash comes in handy.

2. StyleLend

Have a dress in your closet that you only wore once for a special occasion, but can’t bear to part with? StyleLend allows you to create you own Rent the Runway by renting out your formal dresses for a profit. By renting it out multiple times, you’ll make more money than selling it and get to keep your beloved gown.

3. Mallzee

Mallzee is essentially Tinder for fashion. By downloading it, you can say goodbye to creepy men who look nothing like their photos and hello to over 100 high street retailers and boutiques. Their super shoppable feeds are totally addicting and allow you to stay ahead of the curb.

4. TheVane

Ever got stuck wearing an outfit that wasn’t weather appropriate? With TheVane – a personal stylist, travel packing list and local weather app, you’ll never find yourself in that situation again. They send me updates every morning telling me not only what the temperature is, but more importantly what it feels like outside. So I know exactly what to wear for the weather.

5. Priv

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own personal makeup artist, trainer, nail technician, hair stylist or massage therapist? Priv is the app that can make it possible. Using Priv, you can hire top rated beauty and wellness professionals to come to your home.

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Steal vs. Splurge: Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

Womens Faux Fur Coat

Splurge: Sabine Women’s Faux Fur Animal Coat from Piperlime ($129)

When it comes to dressing up a pair of jeans for a day of shopping or a little black dress for a dinner party, nothing is more fun than a faux fur leopard print coat. Since leopard prints (especially coats) aren’t really meant for everyday wear, this isn’t something I would recommend splurging on unless of course you have deep pockets. Steal or splurge, a leopard faux fur will be the most Samantha Jones item in your wardrobe.

FOREVER 21 Leopard Print Faux Fur CoatSteal: Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat Taupe/Black from Forever 21 ($64.90)

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Wooded Winter Style

winter fashion

Though I don’t like extremely hot or extremely cold weather, I love the changing of seasons. However, even when seasons are in full bloom, the weather can still be very unpredictable. While home for the holidays in Wilmington, Delaware, I decided to do a shoot with some of my favorite winter wear. But, when the day came around, I was pleasantly surprised by an unseasonably warm spring day. Many thanks to my Mom for taking the photos!

I’m wearing one of my favorite winter sweaters that I got forever ago at Forever 21, a pair of Circus by Sam Edelman Rider Tall Riding Boots, Rock & Republic for Kohl’s Berlin Skinny Jeans and a basic black tank from Express.

fashion winter

winter style


winter style shoot

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