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More Random Snapshots from Fashion Week

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Lincoln Center at night

runway fashion

Love this dress design by Hao Deng


A ‘Little Pink Dress’ cocktail

fashion designer

Katya Leonovich taking her final bow


Maybelline lipstick touch ups in front of Lincoln Center

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Current Obsessions

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My lovely ‘V’ Enamel Initial Cuff from C.Wonder


Limited Edition Zoya Nail Polish in the key colors from Zang Toi’s FW13 Collection


Bright red lipstick – Chanel Rogue is my favorite!


My new favorite eyeshadow - Maybelline Color Tattoo

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Socialite Beauty

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Every socialite or aspiring celebrity dreams of having their own beauty and/or fashion empire.  Who knows what fragrances, cosmetic lines, and fabulous fashion collaborations could be in my future?  When I came across the Sephora Collection Monopoly Edition, I thought it was something every Aspiring Socialite should have.  Games are excellent practice for real life.  This version of the classic Monopoly board game is not only adorable, it serves as a simulated version of your future beauty empire allowing players to stock their stores with beauty essentials, hire store directors, and pay for it all with Beauty Bucks.  On the downside, you do go to jail for bad hairdays.

I’ve long been an avid makeup wearer.  I think it all started at the age of 12 when in a desperate attempt to cover up my horrible acne I learned everything I possibly could about makeup.  Though my acne was eventually eliminated with the help of a dermatologist, in the process of engrossing myself in all things beauty, I perfected the smokey eye technique that I still use today to illuminate my blue eyes.  I also developed a steady hand for liquid eyeliner.  As a teenager, I refused to leave the house without makeup, even if it was just to go to the grocery store.  But, as I grew more secure in college, my love for makeup remained strong, but my need for its constant companionship disappeared.

Here are some of of my favorite beauty products that I use almost daily: 

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