Winter is Coming: Fashion Statements Seen on Game of Thrones


At this point, I think it’s safe to say that I’m kind of obsessed with Game of Thrones. Aside from the betrayal, thirst for power and intrigue seen on the hit HBO series, the costumes, hair and makeup have also captured my full attention. While everyone wants to sit on the iron throne or marry someone who does, all of the kingdoms of Westeros each have their own distinct personality and style.

While the costumes are bright and ornate in the capitol of King’s Landing and the hair fully styled, darker simpler dresses are seen in the North complimented by furs and simple hair styles. When I watch the show, I immediately know what kingdom the scene takes place in based on how the characters are dressed and styled.

Sansa Game of Thrones

I think all Game of Thrones fans would agree that the finest fashion statement made on the show so far was Sansa Stark’s purple necklace. After all, it made her an unknowing accomplice to Olenna Tyrell in killing Joffrey on his wedding day. Talk about a statement necklace.

Winter is Coming

In case you haven’t noticed from my choice in photos, Sansa Stark is by far my favorite character. In spite of all she’s been through, her style always remains top notch. However, it must be a lot easier to look your best on mornings when you feel your worst when you have handmaidens helping you get ready. I’m also a huge fan of Margaery Tyrell’s scandalous style and schemes. But, it’s Sansa who I’m really rooting for. Though she tends to get screwed big time, I’m still hoping for a huge Sansa comeback. Until next season…

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