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Many Thanks to Rituals Cosmetics

Rituals Cosmetics

Last Friday afternoon Rituals Cosmetics unexpectedly made my day. I was halfway through what ended up being a 13 hour work day and was taking a coffee break at a nearby Starbucks. After getting my coffee, I walked by two girls giving out full sized bottles of Rituals Zensation Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom foaming shower gel. It was almost as if they knew that I was short on body wash and needed an additional pick-me-up on top of the hot coffee I was carrying.

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks to Rituals Cosmetics. I absolutely love the smell and foaming sensation of this body wash. It’s amazing the way it makes my shower smell like a spa and how the gel changes into foam the moment is touches water. Thanks again Rituals for proving to me once again that NYC is always full of surprises!

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Macarons in the Window


With their bright colors and fancy packaging, macarons by far one of the most stylish sweets. So it’s no wonder they’re at almost every fashion event alongside cupcakes and champagne. When I came across the famous Ladurée luxury French bakery on West Broadway, I was hypnotized by the beautiful sweets in the window. Judging from this display, these double-decker macarons that sell at a rate of 15,000 a day, are enough to make any girl feel like they are in the company of Marie Antoinette or Blair Waldorf.

French Dessert


yum food foodie


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A Saturday in Soho


This past Saturday, I went on a socialite adventure in Soho with my friend Melissa of Missy On Madison.

Bryan Boy Aspiring Socialite

We stopped by Just Cavalli to meet our favorite celebrity fashion blogger Bryanboy – He’s the greatest!

Just Cavalli

After hearing about Bryan’s adventures at the Met Gala, I spotted these fabulous sandals.

Marilyn Monroe

Then I feel in love with this breathtaking Marilyn Monroe painting by Hulbert Waldroup.

painting art

After admiring more amazing street art,

Street Art

I looked at Hulbert’s collection of Marilyn masterpieces one more time.

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Annie Leibovitz Photo Shoot in Soho

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But, when you have famed American portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz, behind the lens, it’s probably worth a million.  My office in Soho looks out into this alley that has recently become my favorite place in the city to people watch.  Literally everyday everything from a fight to a photo shoot is going on in the alley.  Today, however, I got the true New York experience when an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot broke out in the alley.  If you don’t know her, you probably know her pictures.  She’s most famous for the Rolling Stone cover she shot of John Lennon the day he died and her photograph of the pregnant Demi Moore in Vanity Fair.

If I ever get engaged, I hope Annie Leibovitz is available to take my engagement photos.  I adore how she always manages to capture a person’s true identity at that exact moment.  From what I gather, today’s Leibovitz photo shoot was also for Vanity Fair featuring some of New York City’s most prominent Internet entrepreneurs including Arianna Huffington, FourSquare co-founder, Dennis Crowley, and who I believe to be one of the Gilt Groupe founders.  Mayor Bloomberg also made an appearance for a few shots, but left after less than five minutes.  Watching an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot from start to finish was truly an exciting experience one which makes paying crazy Manhattan rent totally worth it.  As more and more security, agents,  PR people, and paparazzi showed up, the anticipation of who would be the subject of this shoot grew and grew.  However, I must say that the most baller moment of the day was when Leibovitz decided she didn’t want a stop sign in the shoot and within 10 minutes the city came and chopped it down proving New York to truly be  a city dedicated to art.

Here are a couple of my favorite Annie Leibovitz shots:

Scarlett Johansson as Disney’s Cinderella – Cinderella was history’s first Aspiring Socialite.

Vintage glamour with a rustic edge

Got Pickpocketed, but I Got my Wallet Back

With all of New York’s splendor and glamour, we often forget that this is a dangerous city. A place with so many people is bound to have just as much good as it does evil. If you watch Law & Order: SVU as much as I do, then you totally know what I mean. Saturday night, my neighbor and I went to see the dark Lars von Trier film, Melancholia, starring Kirsten Dunst in SoHo. What started out as a classy artsy evening in one of Manhattan’s trendiest neighborhoods could have potentially been ruined had I not recovered my wallet after a criminal attempted to steal it right out of my Elliott Lucca purse. I was climbing up the stairs to get off the crowded subway and there was a man in back of me carrying tons of shopping bags filled with boxes that looked like Christmas gifts. As I walked further up the stairs, I noticed that his bags kept hitting me. Nearly all the way up the stairs, I felt something strange and looked down at my bag to find it wide open and my WALLET GONE!

I stopped in my tracks and turned around at the people behind me screaming that someone had taken my wallet. That made everyone stop and give me their full attention. That must has scared him and made him drop my wallet because a girl found it on the stairs and handed it back to me pointing at that guy with all the bags. We all yelled at him and called him a pick pocketer to his face. At first he denied it and tried to blame it on someone else. But, other people getting off the subway had seen him try to take stuff from them. We yelled at him some more until he finally left the scene of the crime (luckily without my wallet.) I guess only a true New Yorker can get pick pocketed on the subway and get their stuff back two seconds later.

Even though I had gotten my wallet back, I was so shaken up about the whole thing. After the movie which was an interesting depiction of the end of the world, I locked myself in my apartment with a bottle of wine and tried to calm down. Perhaps, my impeccable fashion sense ultimately caused me to be the victim of theft. I must have done an excellent job dressing up last season’s boots because in reality, I’m not the ideal candidate to steal from. Remember to always stay fabulous and be on guard, especially in crowded places. The more people there are around you, the more crazy people there are around you. Keep your purse close at all times with the zipper in front of you because having to cancel all your credit cards and report fraudulent charges is super annoying.

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