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Baltimore Love!

Baltimore Mural Street Art LOFT Lou & Grey

A few weeks ago (okay a month ago! I’m still getting caught up on blogging) I visited my sister in Baltimore. She moved there a couple years ago and loves it. I must say that I like Charm City a lot too. My sister’s neighborhood of Canton is filled with beautiful murals, art galleries and creative street art like the colorful milk carton lanterns (pictured below). Above I’m wearing my summer signature LOFT Lou & Grey Slinky Racerback Midi Dress. It’s really one of my favorite dresses from this summer. It’s so comfortable and stylish.

I’m a huge fan of Baltimore’s artsy side and unlike New York, the art for sale in the galleries is actually pretty affordable. The huge detailed murals and nearby Patterson Park make it a blogger’s and photographer’s paradise. I’m pretty excited to go back.

Baltimore Creative Alliance

Roof Garden Baltimore

Baltimore Patterson Park

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A Day at the New Museum of Contemporary Art

NYC rooftop New Museum

Over the weekend, my Dad and I spent an amazing day downtown at The New Museum of Contemporary Art. Our self-guided tour began on the second floor with stunning paintings by the English Turner Prize-winning painter, Chris Ofili. His stunning works of art featuring intricate layers of breathtaking colors, patterns and even glitter depicted everything from pop culture to epic poems. I was most taken by Ofili’s ability to tell a story and his various portrayals of women. The tour ended on the roof deck with a beautiful view of the city landscape which is always an exhibition within itself.

Call it classy or call it bizarre, but my Dad and I often bond over contemporary and conceptual art. While I can walk by a Picasso or Monet without feeling a thing, the themes, feelings and social issues contemporary pieces explore evoke intense thought and emotion. I hope to someday be a collector.


New Museum

Chris Ofili Painting

NYC Skyline

Soho NYC

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A Saturday in Soho


This past Saturday, I went on a socialite adventure in Soho with my friend Melissa of Missy On Madison.

Bryan Boy Aspiring Socialite

We stopped by Just Cavalli to meet our favorite celebrity fashion blogger Bryanboy – He’s the greatest!

Just Cavalli

After hearing about Bryan’s adventures at the Met Gala, I spotted these fabulous sandals.

Marilyn Monroe

Then I feel in love with this breathtaking Marilyn Monroe painting by Hulbert Waldroup.

painting art

After admiring more amazing street art,

Street Art

I looked at Hulbert’s collection of Marilyn masterpieces one more time.

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Feeling the Pressure

pressure robert longo

I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging since before I had a blog and I must say I missed it. No worries though. I’m alive and well. I’ve just been so super busy this past week that I couldn’t bring myself to post or even tweet sometimes which is totally unheard of for me. However, I did manage to find the time to visit the MoMA over the weekend with my Dad.

I have a thing for contemporary art (the crazier the better) and my Dad is a total intellectual so we often visit museums together. I particularly like conceptual art such as the works of Jenny Holzer. On this trip to the MoMA, I of course went straight to the contemporary galleries. Once I got past the vintage vacuum cleaners that were elevated to sculpture from having been unused, I came across a piece that really spoke to me and the balancing act of work, play, blogging, bills, and having to find a new apartment soon that I was currently experiencing. Pictured above is “Pressure” by Robert Longo. I love the way it bridges the gap between painting and sculpture. Since I could relate so fully to this piece, I found myself going back to see it multiple times. With Fashion Week starting next Thursday, I better get used to feeling the pressure. But, I’d much rather be completely busy than completely bored. So I’ll take the pressure any day. It’s merely a side effect of having lofty aspirations.

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I Don’t Have a Tattoo. But, if I Did, This is What I Would Get

I don’t have any tattoos and I probably never will. I think they’re interesting, and hear they’re addictive, but for me, their permanence is far too much of a commitment.  Before I graduated from college, however, I almost got a small tattoo on the back of my neck of this Good/Evil ambigram pictured left.  If you look at it one way, it says the word “Good,” but from a different angle, it reads “Evil” bringing together two polar opposites in one entity.

Having always been fascinated by the duality of life as highlighted by designers such as Alexander McQueen, I thought this tattoo might be a good choice.  But, I wasn’t that serious about it, so I never ended up going through with it.  Perhaps, as I get more into interior decorating, I’ll use this very image and concept for a future room design.

Another tattoo I would get if I were ever to get one would be the phrase “Protect Me From What I Want” written in script on my wrist. This ink idea was inspired by a work by conceptual artist, Jenny Holzer. I had the pleasure of seeing this piece last winter at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and was truly touched by its powerful message. While aspiring to greatness in a world of materialism, it would be nice to have a constant reminder to take a step back and this work of art illustrates that perfectly.