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Socialites in Sepia

Friends always make friends feel beautiful.  Amy and I kicked off the weekend with another one of our famous socialite photo shoots.  It came out so well that I had to share it with the world.  Even as 20-somethings living in New York City, I guess you never really stop playing dress up.

Socialite smiles!

Hats off to us!

Just dance!

A celebration of classic America

Panda sock!

We Should Have Been Models

Spontaneous photo shoots are good for the soul.  They can be done alone, with a friend, or in a group.  If you’re having an insanely bad day or an insanely good day, they are the perfect pastime to use as a means of rediscovering your inner model.  On a bad day, however, your photos may be a little more artistic and emo in reflection of your mood.  My friend Amy and I rediscovered our inner models over the weekend and it was a beautiful thing!

Taking casual photos also serves as great practice for being photographed by the paparazzi.  Every socialite has to be comfortable around multiple cameras.  This particular photo shoot is so Zooey Deschanel meets Rachel McAdams.  Like Cher epically reminded us in the movie Clueless which is required socialite viewing, you can’t trust mirrors so you always need to take a picture of that day’s look.  Thanks to digital photography, you don’t have to use polaroids like they did for instant photo gratification in 1995.  These photos were taken on Photo Booth software which only further brings out the magic of Apple technology even more.  Maybe next time we’ll dig up a Cher style polaroid camera for the sake of nostalgia.

Meet Maddy, the Puppy from Block Island

Rebecca Bonbon has shown to everyone that dogs too can be socialites.  In honor of the dog days of summer and the fact that I do not yet have a puppy of my own due to my hectic schedule, I have decided to feature my readers’ socialite dogs.  Maddy is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel belonging to the lovely Michala Smith who got her on a trip to Block Island.  Since the breeder named all of her dogs after stores on the vacation spot of Block Island, her full name is actually “Block Island Mad Hatter.”  Maddy for short.  Aside from being an adorable lap dog, Maddy’s favorite activities are to chase around and play with Michala’s two cats, Flip and Flop.

To have your socialite dog featured on Aspiring Socialite, email me at Vicky@aspiring-socialite.com with a picture and bio of your cuddly BFF.

My New Address is 666 Park Ave.

Being a socialite can be wicked fun, not to mention a magical experience. But, what happens when the socialites are witches? I intend to uncover the dark world of socialite sorcery by making 666 Park Ave. my next beachside read. This new novel by Gabriella Pierce, is said to be a pure evil mixture of Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries666 Park Ave. tells the story of Jane Boyle, a Paris-based architect who falls in love with a rich and handsome Upper East Sider named Malcolm Doran. When she moves to New York to start her fairy tale life with Malcolm, Jane is entrenched into the dark secrets that come with being a part of the esteemed Doran clan, a family with a supernatural hold on New York’s high society.

Those with deep pockets tend to have even deeper secrets. Jane’s newfound magical abilities challenge everything she ever knew about good and evil. Not only must she cope with the pressures of wealth and witchcraft, Jane must also struggle with those who intend to take them from her. Forget everything you knew about Park Ave. princesses because in this fairy tale, it seems that the riches may be going to the witches for a change. 666 Park Ave. is available on Amazon. If this novel turns into a TV show or movie, it would be an honor to make a cameo appearance. In the meantime, I may pay a visit to the actual 666 Park Ave. located between 67th and 68th St.

Marie Antoinette: Can Excess Be Too Excessive?

Long before Paris and Nicole lived The Simple Life and Kourtney and Kim Take New York premiered, the lovely Marie Antoinette made her mark on France with her famous proclamation “Let them eat cake.”  Though I am no history buff, I truly believe that royalty were the first ever socialites.  Flowing champagne, over the top parties, and cute little dogs act as parallels between the European royals of yesterday and the NYC socialites of today.  Perhaps, SoHo House is the new Versailles?  It also could be that the high society tradition of vacationing in the South of France may be somewhat inspired by the life and death of Marie Antoinette herself.

If it weren’t for the whole losing her head thing, Marie Antoinette’s story dramatized many times over, my favorite being Kirsten Dunst’s version, would be one to aspire to. Therefore, my advice to Aspiring Socialites everywhere is to shop and party all you want, but when you feel you are losing your head, it is time to take a step back.  If you ignore the philanthropic side of being a socialite, you may be pulling a Marie Antoinette.  To become a socialite you must be able to see yourself the way others see you.  This applies to both your attire and your actions.

Since you should live everyday as if it were your birthday, I encourage everyone to eat cake.  Unless, of course you are on a diet.  This scene from Marie Antoinette (2006) is among one of my favorites.  The outfits are completely ridiculous, but I love the shoes.