Meet Maddy, the Puppy from Block Island

Rebecca Bonbon has shown to everyone that dogs too can be socialites.  In honor of the dog days of summer and the fact that I do not yet have a puppy of my own due to my hectic schedule, I have decided to feature my readers’ socialite dogs.  Maddy is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel belonging to the lovely Michala Smith who got her on a trip to Block Island.  Since the breeder named all of her dogs after stores on the vacation spot of Block Island, her full name is actually “Block Island Mad Hatter.”  Maddy for short.  Aside from being an adorable lap dog, Maddy’s favorite activities are to chase around and play with Michala’s two cats, Flip and Flop.

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  • I feel like all King Charles Cavaliers are aspiring socialites. Maddy looks so cute.

  • Michala

    She is the ultimate socialite dog. My little princess!!

  • Renee

    So cute!!!! TQM