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Enter to Win “The Everyday Supermodel” by Molly Sims


Supermodel, actress and mother Molly Sims is revealing the secrets to living a balanced and beautiful life in her new book “The Everyday Supermodel.” The book which comes out this week features Molly’s road-tested beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness tricks.

While we all know Molly Sims as a flawless magazine cover girl, like all of us, she too has battled weight issues, bad hair days, career setbacks and fashion disasters.  So what’s the secret to her effortless supermodel look and confidence? Hard work and trying absolutely everything. Having tested nearly every weight loss, fashion and beauty trick, Molly is ready to share what actually works with women everywhere.

Be on the lookout for the following tips and tricks:

· Weight-loss strategies to help you end your love/hate relationship with food, like how to identify which “health foods” are fakers and a “Molly-fied Meatless Monday” plan for incorporating more veggies into your diet.

· On-the-go workouts to help you move, dance, spin, and stretch your way to a hotter, healthier and happier you—think treadmill tricks like sidestepping and skipping and tips on how to turn up your sweat in order to reduce bloating, smooth cellulite and glow.

· Chic and figure-flattering style advice for every budget, from a list of luxe for less labels to key undercover agents and hidden helpers that will help you look polished from head to toe.

· Easy-to-follow hair and makeup tutorials that will take you from the everyday to the runway, including a makeup-less, untouched close up of Molly and how she tackles her “issues” like breakouts and melasma.

· Look-good/feel-good advice to help you bounce back from setbacks, decide what you want, and make your dreams come true!

· Tips and tricks from Molly’s celebrity pals, like Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, Joey Maalouf and more!

· Supermomma extras from Lori Bergman’s Fertility Smoothie to natural therapies and tips to keep your body supermodel ready before, during and after pregnancy.

You can enter to win a copy of “The Everyday Supermodel” in three easy steps:

1.  Follow both Aspiring Socialite and The Everyday Supermodel on Instagram.

2.  Comment on this post telling me what makes you an everyday supermodel. Be sure to include your email.

3.  Stay fabulous!

Disclaimer: You must provide an address in the continental United States to be eligible to win. Contest ends January 22, 2015. 

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My Brief Career As A Teen Model

When I was 16, I made my first contribution to the fashion industry during my brief career as a teen model/actress on the local Philadelphia area circuit.  One day in 10th Grade, a local modeling agent came into my school on Career Day and asked for my name and number.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  Having been invisible all through grade school and junior high, I mostly kept to myself in high school.  I’d just quit ballet and never made a high school sports team.  So I spent most of my time getting papers done weeks in advance for my AP English classes and writing for my high school paper.

High school and everything before that was an awkward time.  I didn’t really come into my own until college.  So you can imagine how surprised I was when the agent called me that night and asked to talk to my Mom.  She said she liked my “look” and asked if my Mom and I wanted to come into her office and talk to her about modeling.  We went in the next day where she told us all about the world of head shots, comp cards, go sees, and portfolios.  At 5’4, I was nowhere near the minimum height to walk the runway.  So I’d have to be a model/actress.  It sounded like fun so I gave it a shot.  Above are some of the photos I took for my portfolio.  It was fun while it lasted, but I was really more into school than being a commercial print model.  However, I often wonder what would have happened had I stuck with it.

Socialites in Sepia

Friends always make friends feel beautiful.  Amy and I kicked off the weekend with another one of our famous socialite photo shoots.  It came out so well that I had to share it with the world.  Even as 20-somethings living in New York City, I guess you never really stop playing dress up.

Socialite smiles!

Hats off to us!

Just dance!

A celebration of classic America

Panda sock!

We Should Have Been Models

Spontaneous photo shoots are good for the soul.  They can be done alone, with a friend, or in a group.  If you’re having an insanely bad day or an insanely good day, they are the perfect pastime to use as a means of rediscovering your inner model.  On a bad day, however, your photos may be a little more artistic and emo in reflection of your mood.  My friend Amy and I rediscovered our inner models over the weekend and it was a beautiful thing!

Taking casual photos also serves as great practice for being photographed by the paparazzi.  Every socialite has to be comfortable around multiple cameras.  This particular photo shoot is so Zooey Deschanel meets Rachel McAdams.  Like Cher epically reminded us in the movie Clueless which is required socialite viewing, you can’t trust mirrors so you always need to take a picture of that day’s look.  Thanks to digital photography, you don’t have to use polaroids like they did for instant photo gratification in 1995.  These photos were taken on Photo Booth software which only further brings out the magic of Apple technology even more.  Maybe next time we’ll dig up a Cher style polaroid camera for the sake of nostalgia.

Socialite Sunday Photo Shoot

If you think being a socialite is nothing but smoke and mirrors, think again. It’s serious business that requires constant self-reflection. For one who aspires to be in the public eye, it is important to always know who you really are. Let’s face it, if I’m planning on becoming a socialite celebrity one day, I need to start making my face more recognizable.  Over the weekend, my neighbor and I did a mini photo shoot in some of our favorite looks by the mirror in her apartment.  It was tons of fun and great practice for being photographed by the paparazzi.  In true NYC style, our photo shoot was followed by brunch.  Above you see me in one of the fab fitted tees from my Aspiring Socialite T-Shirt Line.  Click here to get one of your own.