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Happy Gossip Girl Day!

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Gossip Girl Style Fashion

Three years ago today, Mayor Bloomberg celebrated the 100th episode of Gossip Girl by declaring January 26th Gossip Girl Day. In honor of the occasion, I put together a look inspired by the ever controversial Jenny Humphrey and shot it on my Manhattan rooftop.

About the Look

After much debate, I chose to capture Jenny Humphrey’s style because her many transitions in and out of high society truly capture the spirit of the Aspiring Socialite. Though I didn’t always agree with her choices throughout the show, she proved to us all that even a girl from the most humble means can become the ultimate Upper East Side queen bee. This look was super simple to put together. I wore a grey sweater dress, black leggings, plaid schoolgirl knee socks (from an old schoolgirl Halloween costume) and black wedges. To get Jenny’s dark makeup look I used Kat Von D Ink Liner.

My Favorite Gossip Girl Moment

My favorite Gossip Girl moment of all time was in Season 1, Episode 12 when they broke into the school and threw a booze-filled pool party. I also loved all the times Serena got cases of champagne delivered to her at school and the many occasions in which Jenny outsmarted Blair.

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Gossip Girl Day NYC

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A Weekend Walk Around the Upper East Side

This past Saturday, after a blissful morning of sleeping in, I embarked on an afternoon of errands.  I decided to head across an uptown to the Upper East Side to consign a few designer items that I’m no longer using and soon realized that I couldn’t have picked a more glorious day to run such an errand.  Once I got off the subway and dropped my items off at Designer Resale, I began walking back toward the subway to go home.  However, once I began walking around New York City’s most elite neighborhood on perhaps the most beautiful fall day I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t fathom the thought of getting back on the subway and walked the 50 blocks home.  On my journey through the city, I cleared my thoughts and saw some beautiful things.

Channeling my inner Pippa Middleton by becoming my own personal paparazzi.  From what I hear, she’s moving to NYC.

It looks like an Upper East Side castle, but I think it’s a school

Flowers in fall


My New Address is 666 Park Ave.

Being a socialite can be wicked fun, not to mention a magical experience. But, what happens when the socialites are witches? I intend to uncover the dark world of socialite sorcery by making 666 Park Ave. my next beachside read. This new novel by Gabriella Pierce, is said to be a pure evil mixture of Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries666 Park Ave. tells the story of Jane Boyle, a Paris-based architect who falls in love with a rich and handsome Upper East Sider named Malcolm Doran. When she moves to New York to start her fairy tale life with Malcolm, Jane is entrenched into the dark secrets that come with being a part of the esteemed Doran clan, a family with a supernatural hold on New York’s high society.

Those with deep pockets tend to have even deeper secrets. Jane’s newfound magical abilities challenge everything she ever knew about good and evil. Not only must she cope with the pressures of wealth and witchcraft, Jane must also struggle with those who intend to take them from her. Forget everything you knew about Park Ave. princesses because in this fairy tale, it seems that the riches may be going to the witches for a change. 666 Park Ave. is available on Amazon. If this novel turns into a TV show or movie, it would be an honor to make a cameo appearance. In the meantime, I may pay a visit to the actual 666 Park Ave. located between 67th and 68th St.