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Marie Antoinette: Can Excess Be Too Excessive?

Long before Paris and Nicole lived The Simple Life and Kourtney and Kim Take New York premiered, the lovely Marie Antoinette made her mark on France with her famous proclamation “Let them eat cake.”  Though I am no history buff, I truly believe that royalty were the first ever socialites.  Flowing champagne, over the top parties, and cute little dogs act as parallels between the European royals of yesterday and the NYC socialites of today.  Perhaps, SoHo House is the new Versailles?  It also could be that the high society tradition of vacationing in the South of France may be somewhat inspired by the life and death of Marie Antoinette herself.

If it weren’t for the whole losing her head thing, Marie Antoinette’s story dramatized many times over, my favorite being Kirsten Dunst’s version, would be one to aspire to. Therefore, my advice to Aspiring Socialites everywhere is to shop and party all you want, but when you feel you are losing your head, it is time to take a step back.  If you ignore the philanthropic side of being a socialite, you may be pulling a Marie Antoinette.  To become a socialite you must be able to see yourself the way others see you.  This applies to both your attire and your actions.

Since you should live everyday as if it were your birthday, I encourage everyone to eat cake.  Unless, of course you are on a diet.  This scene from Marie Antoinette (2006) is among one of my favorites.  The outfits are completely ridiculous, but I love the shoes.