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Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

We all have the friends who’s dogs are the center of their lives. They’re obsessed with talking about, spending time with and spoiling their furry friends. And who wouldn’t be?  They’re adorable and have been super good this year. Therefore, dogs deserve just as many Christmas gifts as their owners.

Christmas gifts for dogs

With all of the adorable puppy-inspired finds out there, there’s never been a better time to spoil dogs and pet parents. Did you know that they make Dog Wrapping Paper and Ugly Christmas Sweaters for dogs?  Henri Bendel and Bloomingdale’s also have some great accessories for your pampered pooch. Here are a few of the puppy-inspired gifts that I’m barking about this season.

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Holiday Adventures of 2011

I’m having a great time getting away from New York for a bit and visiting with friends and family over the holidays.  I traveled to Delaware to see my mom then to Boston to see my Dad then back to Delaware.  Here are some of the highlights of my week off so far:

Festive Decorations

Gifts fit for a queen (looks like Santa was reading my blog this year)

Plane rides with my sister

Coffee in old china

I got bangs!

Cute dogs!

Crazy holiday houses

Bonus bangs pic

Meet Maddy, the Puppy from Block Island

Rebecca Bonbon has shown to everyone that dogs too can be socialites.  In honor of the dog days of summer and the fact that I do not yet have a puppy of my own due to my hectic schedule, I have decided to feature my readers’ socialite dogs.  Maddy is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel belonging to the lovely Michala Smith who got her on a trip to Block Island.  Since the breeder named all of her dogs after stores on the vacation spot of Block Island, her full name is actually “Block Island Mad Hatter.”  Maddy for short.  Aside from being an adorable lap dog, Maddy’s favorite activities are to chase around and play with Michala’s two cats, Flip and Flop.

To have your socialite dog featured on Aspiring Socialite, email me at Vicky@aspiring-socialite.com with a picture and bio of your cuddly BFF.

Designer Dogs

As a vegetarian, anti-fur advocate, and overall friend to the animals there is one question that has been boggling my incredibly intuitive mind over the past few days: Should dogs get designer clothes? First, lets take a step back to what pets actually mean to socialites and celebrities. I have always said that it’s lonely at the top; therefore, a socialite should learn to enjoy her own company. However, it is always a good idea to have a cuddly companion that loves you unconditionally for who you are and not what you are. Kind of like Paris Hilton’s pocket pooch adorably named Tinkerbell.

Puppies are cute and so are designer fashions, but do they go together? From my experience, dogs as awesome and sophisticated as animals are, do not seem to appreciate couture the way people do. It kind of cramps their style. They also each have a natural coat of fur that is one of a kind and tends to go along with their unique personalities. This being said, I think I have come to an educated conclusion easing the inner turmoil I have been feeling over this issue. Puppies are cute and fabulous the way they are and don’t need designer fashions. Perhaps, a designer collar or leash will do the trick and give you your posh puppy fix. So use your dog’s fashion budget to buy yourself a little something extra. It’s what man’s best friend would have wanted.