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The Art of Line Jumping

When it comes to hitting the clubs, socialites never stand in line. They just don’t. Simply because they don’t have too. One high-profile magazine cover will not only lead to other high-profile appearances, but can also serve as a means to bypass the lines at the hottest clubs of New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and L.A. For the Aspiring Socialites of the world, however, getting passed those alluring velvet robes can be a bit more challenging.

Walking in as if you own the club with that “Do you know who I am” look can often be the trick to avoiding the wait. But, that has been know to backfire if in fact the person behind you actually does own the place. Clubs are a bit like casinos when it comes to the state of unpredictability. Sometimes, all you can do is roll the dice. Just as casinos deceive you into believing you can beat the house, clubs attempt to create the illusion of popularity by forming long lines in front of a completely empty space. Living the nightlife of a socialite isn’t about knowing how to play the game, it’s about not having to play at all.

Here are some ways in which you might be able to beat the system and bypass the line socialite style:

  • Befriend the bouncer: If you really like a certain club, continue to frequent your fav destination on a regular basis. Always make it a point to say hi to the bouncers and ask them how they have been doing. One you have established a relationship, you will always enter that club as a socialite.
  • Get introduced: Find someone who has an in with the hot spots about town to introduce you to the world of VIPs. This could be a much more effective strategy than introducing yourself. Just make sure that person is classy.
  • Get there early: As long as you don’t mind starting out the night a few hours early, arriving at the club before prime hours is probably the easiest way to avoid lines without having to actually know anyone. You will also have the opportunity to take your pick of seating.

Top 10 Best Places in New York to Enjoy a Starbucks

Starbucks is and always has been a socialite staple. On uneventful mornings that for socialites never begin before 11:30 a.m., your favorite cup of Starbucks coffee is the perfect accessory to carry on the same arm as an oversized designer handbag. For those of you who have read my bio, you already know that I go to Starbucks daily for a Grande Unsweetened Soy Iced Coffee. Like everything in the tabloids, coffee is a great source of controversy. As a friend to some and foe to others, nothing says attitude more than those candid shots of celebs in Us Weekly walking the streets of L.A. or New York with a Starbucks in hand. So here you have it the top 10 places in NYC to enjoy your favorite brew:

10.  In front of the Yale Club: When you are done shopping on 5th Ave, take some time to shop for eligible Ivy Leaguers as you enjoy a coffee. The Harvard and Penn clubs are only a block away.

9.  In the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria: I have always been a fan of the old world style of the guided age and the Waldorf has it.

8. Central Park: It’s cliche, but always fun.

7.  Bloomingdales: Enough said!

6.  The Met Steps: They may have eaten yogurt on the Met steps in Gossip Girl, but I prefer to drink a Starbucks.

5.  14th Street in Meatpacking: I enjoy drinking coffee in the presence of designers such as Alexander McQueen and Yigal Azrouel.

4.  Standing in line at Marquee: Not that I ever stand in line at a club, but if I did, I would totally sip a Grande Soy Iced Coffee as I waited.

3.  Driving in a BMW down Park Ave: It always helps to have the top down.

2.  Strolling the Streets of SoHo: I love going from shop to shop in SoHo sipping on my signature iced coffee.

1.  30+ Stories High: You can’t beat a brew with a view.  Heights aren’t just for heels and the city lights are always brighter from up above.