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A Royal Baby Welcome!


The Royal Baby Watch has ended! Though we still haven’t heard the official name of Baby Boy Windsor, it’s time everyone’s favorite royal couple had a moment of rest. Having blogged about the Royal Wedding more than two years ago, I’m so happy to see that the happy couple has given birth to a healthy baby boy who has absolutely no idea what’s in store for him. Since I’m sending my heartfelt congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from New York, I’ll be celebrating this momentous occasion the NYC way by shopping for a commemorative accessory to add to my wardrobe.


1. Alexander McQueen God Save McQueen Pashmina  2. Union Jack Pattern Suitcase Box with Wheels  3. Gold and Diamond Crown Ring  4. Union Jack Teapot Keyring  5. Union Jack Motif Rainboots with Buckle Detail (Perfect for your next trip to rainy London)

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Why Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Dress Just Didn’t Work


Everyone has been talking about the pale pink Prada dress Anne Hathaway decided to wear last minute to the Oscars and the critics haven’t been kind.  I don’t usually do negative reviews, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.  Though her hair and makeup looked amazing, the dress was the wrong color for her, fit her poorly, and made it look like her nipples were showing. In other words, it was a disaster. Shortly after the red carpet, it came out that Hathaway decided the change her dress last minute because the Valentino she had originally planned to wear was too similar to Amanda Seyfriend’s Alexander McQueen that topped by Best Dressed List.

Though no one wants to be caught at an event wearing the same dress as someone else (it was every girl’s nightmare at prom), she forgot one of the cardinal rules of fashion.  As Coco Chanel put it, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”  Had Anne stuck with her original dress, no one would have noticed that it was similar to that of her Les Misérables co-star.  We’ve seen a lot of white on the red carpet this Awards Season so seeing another white beaded dress wouldn’t have ruffled any feathers.  The only thing everyone would have remembered was how beautiful she looked in it when she accepted the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her impeccable performance of I Dreamed a Dream.  As an Oscar winner, I’m sure Anne Hathaway will soon get over her dress debacle and will have many chances to redeem herself on the red carpet.  But, maybe next time, she’ll concentrate less on what others are wearing and focus on what works for her.

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My Best Dressed Picks from the 2013 Oscars


#1: Joan Rivers and most of the E! Fashion Police may disagree, but my absolute favorite look from the 2013 Oscar Red Carpet was Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen.


#2: I must be really drawn to Alexander McQueen because my second favorite Oscar Best Dressed pick was the lovely Salma Hayek also in McQueen.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 10.28.06 PM

#3: The dress that made the biggest statement was absolutely Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta.  This is such a statement red carpet dress that’s both elegant and whimsical.


#4: Unlike the majority of the fashion community, I wasn’t crazy about Jennifer Lawrence’s white Dior number on the red carpet.  But, the metallic dress she rocked at the Vanity Fair After Party was 100% Best Actress worthy.


#5: Jessica Chastain looked like a living Oscar statue in Giorgio Armani.

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A Diamond in the Rough


Over the weekend, I spent my Saturday afternoon volunteering at The Meatloaf Kitchen, a soup kitchen that serves fresh wholesome meals restaurant style to New Yorkers down on their luck.  It’s truly an amazing program and a much-needed addition to this city.  When I tweeted that I was spending the morning volunteering, I was very touched to see my Twitter blowing up with messages of how giving back made me a true socialite.  However, I think that I may have gotten more out of it than the people I helped while handing out clothes in the Meatloaf Boutique.

In the process of being one of the Meatloaf Kitchen’s resident stylists for the day, I came across these vintage Alexander McQueen flats and couldn’t help, but snap a picture.  I wonder if they were designed by McQueen himself when he was still alive.  Having been incredibly touched by my experience volunteering, I plan on going back once a month.

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Halloween Glam

In case you haven’t noticed, I love everything about Halloween. I love the scary movies, the chill in the fall air, and of course dressing up. It’s a true celebration of fall and the occult. Though Halloween gets the reputation of being scary and it often is, it’s so much more than that. When I saw these mannequins in the storefront of an Upper East Side florist, I realized just how glamorous Halloween can truly be.

So why should Christmas have all the fun?  Here are my picks for some of the most glamorous Halloween accessories:

1.  Jewelry Mask on Sequined Stick: I’ve always wanted to have a masquerade-themed Halloween party like in The Phantom of the Opera filled with sequins dresses and secret identities.

2.  Alexander McQueen Two-Faced Skull Platform Pumps:  They may cost you a month’s rent, but there’s nothing scarier than a shortage of McQueen in your wardrobe.  These skullcandy chic shoes aren’t just Halloween, they’re for everyday.

3.  Scary Script Halloween Party Invitations: Parties are all about the details and that starts with the invitation.

4.  Halloween Steel Wire Cake Stand: This spiderweb cake stand could be the centerpiece of any October gathering.

5.  Purple Flicker Candle with Spooky Halloween Scene: Candles always set a spooky mood making them an All Hallow’s Eve decor essential.