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Nightlife Basics

Every socialite want to be seen on the club scene. In order to avoid standing in line or paying for anything, I recommend always going with a promoter. New York’s hot clubs such as 1OAK, Griffin, and SL all offer the Aspiring Socialite an elegant decor that serves as a backdrop for pictures along with a great place to potentially rub elbows with the rich and famous. Though everyone seems to think that you need to be wearing the latest Dior and Chanel to go clubbing in New York, that’s simply not true.  Just combine basics with a few eye-catching accessories and a smokey eye and you’re ready to go.

Based on my experience, here are the top 3 things you need to be a mogul on the club scene:

1. The 3 basic dress designs you need to have on hand for your frequent trips to the club are: a little black dress (obviously,) a little red dress, and a sequin dress.

2. Mix and match them with sequin heels, red heels, and black heels.

3. No socialite wants to be lugging around or overshadowed by a huge bag while out on the town. Therefore, a good collection of tiny purses and clutches are essential. I prefer clutches with a handle. The ones without handles or straps are cute, but I’m always afraid I’m going to lose them so you’ll rarely see me with one.

Nightclub etiquette tips:

  • Have fun, but always be on high alert.  For every fabulous person at the club, there is an equally unfabulous unsavory character.  Always keep an eye on your belongings and stay far away from creepy guys.  An Aspiring Socialite always needs to watch out for both scary people and celebrities.
  • Do not wear jeans.  When I’m at a club and they start letting in people wearing jeans, I leave.
  • Bouncers may be a pain and often give you attitude from no reason, but it doesn’t work to your advantage to give them attitude back.  After all, they’re probably just sad that they have to work outside in the cold while everyone else has fun.  Be nice and introduce yourself in spite of the attitude.  Once you’re on a first named basis, you’ll never have a problem skipping the line.

Vegetarians in Meatpacking

Being a socialite means always being on the scene. Last night I ventured over to 1OAK (short for One of a Kind) for a some pre-holiday festivities with my friend Amy. I must say that this year I’m thankful for table service. As Amy says, “We may be vegetarians, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little pre-Thanksgiving table service in the Meatpacking District.” I couldn’t agree more! Let’s go back soon.

Just dance!


The Unofficial Official New York Fashion Week Party at SL

With Fashion Week nearly over, it is time to amp up the party scene. No more will shows, appearances, and commitments stand in the way of a night of carefree partying, at least not until February. Yesterday, my friends over at StyleCaster invited me to their Unofficial Official New York Fashion Week Party at the exclusive Simyone Lounge in Meatpacking featuring music by Dove ‘Go Fresh’ DJ Chelsea Leyland, and free drinks by Hypnotiq Harmonie (which is great mixed with champagne.) The Simyone Lounge is better known to the city’s elite runway models as SL.

Clubs like SL are even more exclusive on the weeknights. In spite of being on the VIP list, I waited in line in heels for two hours to get into the famous SL which actually turned out to be a great workout for my legs. While in line, I spotted FourSquare founder, Dennis Crowley, leaving (I wonder if he unlocked the ‘Out on a School Night’ Badge?) and said hi to an old friend of mine from my interning days. A lot of people in line looked familiar, but then again they were probably models who I might have seen in a national campaign somewhere. In a line full of models in expensive dresses, it’s really easy to feel average. Two hours later, I finally entered SL with an hour left of the party and tasted victory along with a few delicious Hypnotiq Harmonie cocktails. As I suspected, the club wasn’t crowded at all and the line was all for show. There was even enough room to sit down if you wanted to which isn’t usually the case at all in the bars of New York City. I guess even socialites have to wait in line once and while, especially if your dedication to fashion and free cocktails is as strong as mine.

Interesting choice of interior design. The walls of SL are all lined with X-ray images of bones. Since so many celebrities hang out there, I wonder if they are of celebrities.

It’s a party in the U.S.A!

The Art of Line Jumping

When it comes to hitting the clubs, socialites never stand in line. They just don’t. Simply because they don’t have too. One high-profile magazine cover will not only lead to other high-profile appearances, but can also serve as a means to bypass the lines at the hottest clubs of New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and L.A. For the Aspiring Socialites of the world, however, getting passed those alluring velvet robes can be a bit more challenging.

Walking in as if you own the club with that “Do you know who I am” look can often be the trick to avoiding the wait. But, that has been know to backfire if in fact the person behind you actually does own the place. Clubs are a bit like casinos when it comes to the state of unpredictability. Sometimes, all you can do is roll the dice. Just as casinos deceive you into believing you can beat the house, clubs attempt to create the illusion of popularity by forming long lines in front of a completely empty space. Living the nightlife of a socialite isn’t about knowing how to play the game, it’s about not having to play at all.

Here are some ways in which you might be able to beat the system and bypass the line socialite style:

  • Befriend the bouncer: If you really like a certain club, continue to frequent your fav destination on a regular basis. Always make it a point to say hi to the bouncers and ask them how they have been doing. One you have established a relationship, you will always enter that club as a socialite.
  • Get introduced: Find someone who has an in with the hot spots about town to introduce you to the world of VIPs. This could be a much more effective strategy than introducing yourself. Just make sure that person is classy.
  • Get there early: As long as you don’t mind starting out the night a few hours early, arriving at the club before prime hours is probably the easiest way to avoid lines without having to actually know anyone. You will also have the opportunity to take your pick of seating.

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