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Saturday Socialite Link Up

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It’s been a hot week. Let’s cool down with some fab weekend reading with this week’s top links!

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A cosmic dress sketch by the talented Emily Brickel (blog.emilybrickel.com)

We all have those days – get a free sample from U by Kotex (ubykotex.com)

The best cities for Millennials (forbes.com)

Goodwill opens upscale boutiques (nbcnews.com)

Kate Middleton goes casual (popsugar.com)

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Happy Gossip Girl Day!

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Gossip Girl Style Fashion

Three years ago today, Mayor Bloomberg celebrated the 100th episode of Gossip Girl by declaring January 26th Gossip Girl Day. In honor of the occasion, I put together a look inspired by the ever controversial Jenny Humphrey and shot it on my Manhattan rooftop.

About the Look

After much debate, I chose to capture Jenny Humphrey’s style because her many transitions in and out of high society truly capture the spirit of the Aspiring Socialite. Though I didn’t always agree with her choices throughout the show, she proved to us all that even a girl from the most humble means can become the ultimate Upper East Side queen bee. This look was super simple to put together. I wore a grey sweater dress, black leggings, plaid schoolgirl knee socks (from an old schoolgirl Halloween costume) and black wedges. To get Jenny’s dark makeup look I used Kat Von D Ink Liner.

My Favorite Gossip Girl Moment

My favorite Gossip Girl moment of all time was in Season 1, Episode 12 when they broke into the school and threw a booze-filled pool party. I also loved all the times Serena got cases of champagne delivered to her at school and the many occasions in which Jenny outsmarted Blair.

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Gossip Girl Day NYC

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10 Signs You’ve Officially Become a True New York Girl


In about a month from today, I will have been a resident of New York City for four years. Soon I will have lived in New York for longer than I was in college and it has certainly been a learning experience like no other. I’m seriously considering writing a book. As I continue to grow into a woman about Manhattan, I’ve learned to embrace the challenges (i.e. rent, finding a job, saving money, etc.) and make the most of the fun including Sunday Brunch, Central Park, Fashion Week, and random celebrity sightings. Seeing that so many others can relate to my New York experience, here are 10 signs you’ve become a true New York girl set to make it in the Big Apple.

10. You don’t drive. You prefer to be driven.

9. The HBO series, Girls, hits far too close to home, as does Sex and the City. Sadly, however, your life is nothing like Gossip Girl.

8. You don’t have the time, desire, or proper facilities to cook an actual meal so you mostly eat at restaurants or order delivery.

7. You have a pair of heels that you bought on an impulse and cost more than a month’s rent. Even though you rarely wear them, they are your pride and joy.

6. Starbucks is an essential food group.

5. Tourists annoy you more than anything, but once in a great while, they amuse you.

4. You’re serious about your career, but you’re in no hurry to grow up and settle down. In fact, you’d rather not.

3. Sunday brunch is a sacred occasion. Anything less than at least two hours of unlimited mimosas is completely unacceptable.

2. You spend most of your money on rent and the rest at sample sales and on coffee.

1. You have a resilient spirit that refuses to take no for an answer. Without it, you’d never survive New York.

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Dealing with Psycho Friends

Recently on Gossip Girl, Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) became the fairy god cousin to her long lost relative, Charlie (Kaylee DeFer.) Needless to say, no good deed goes unpunished because this seemingly sweet girl is completely psycho. Charlie doesn’t just want to be like Serena because let’s face it we all do and that’s completely normal, she wants to actually be Serena. Or so we thought.

Two episodes ago, the crazy, Charlie finally succeeds in seducing Dan in Serena’s gold cotillion dress. But, her insane fantasy is short lived when Dan freaks out after she asks him to call her Serena. In tonight’s season finale, Charlie drunkenly tried to jump out of an open window. After that, she seemed to calm down a bit. Or was she faking it? It turns out the whole thing was a complete lie and their was a sketchy handoff in Miami. It looks like this whole estranged relatives act may just be a plot to extort money from the great van der Woodsen clan of Manhattan. I guess we will have to wait until next season to see what this screwy blonde is really up to.

Even of you have not yet found socialite status, you have probably had your share of psycho friends and acquaintances that could have come straight out of the movies. However, if you plan on being on the front page of every society page, get ready for three times the crazy. Your devotees copying your every move and the paparazzi’s interest in your casual brunch can be fun at first, but living in a fishbowl where you often encounter people looking to take advantage of you is enough to make anyone check into rehab for a month or two. Why do you think Canyon Ranch is so popular among with world’s elite? However, being a socialite is all worth it to me. It’s just good to know what you are really getting into.

Blake Lively is the New Face of CHANEL

I never thought I’d see the day when Gossip Girl would become boring or irrelevant. But, I think I just did. As New York City’s #1 Aspiring Socialite, I must now give up living vicariously through the fictional Serena van der Woodsen in favor of the real life Blake Lively. Aside from being the new face of CHANEL, Blake Lively is currently among one of the most sought after (and Googled) celebrities of our time.

Maybe it is her smile or her long elegant locks (there is no harm in extensions when they are expertly done) that account for this, but anyone aspiring to fame and fortune has a lot to learn from Miss Lively. Fashion designers have actually been know to pay her to sit in the front row of their shows. To me, that sounds like an excellent career prospect. Today, this 23-year-old Mademoiselle sits at the front line of CHANEL’s latest handbag campaign as a taller and more sober version of Kate Moss. This high fashion mirror shot was taken by none other than Karl Lagerfeld. I can’t believe how many perks there are to being Blake Lively. I hope she got to keep the bag because it’s super cute.