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The Met Gala Shows us a New Era in Fashion


The Met Gala is truly the ultimate night of fashion. It’s elegance, exclusivity and overall beauty are beyond compare. This year, however, the fashion (or should I say lack there of it) took the red carpet to a whole new level. While I absolutely loved  Amal Clooney‘s red gown and Sarah Jessica Parker‘s daring headdress, when it came to Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and J.Lo’s nearly naked dresses, I couldn’t help but feel that I was looking at flesh not fashion. 

I’ve always seen the perfect red carpet look as a dress that compliments the woman wearing it. While we should admire the couture gown, what we should ultimately remember is the woman who wore it. In the case of these fabulous three women, I didn’t see or remember a dress, all I saw was the woman. While their amazing bodies absolutely deserve to be flaunted and shared with the world, I wondered why they chose to wear so little at an event celebrating fashion.

According to an article I read in The Cut, this minimal wardrobe choice is part of a new trend known as the “couture body.” While wearing an expensive designer gown is still a status symbol, the couture body takes it to the next level. With all of the expensive trainers, nutritionists, doctors and luck of the draw genetics that goes into achieving a red carpet-worthy body, it’s no wonder that we’ve moved into a post fashion era where figures are the new Fendi and curves are the new Chanel. In a world where a toned physique is often a sign of a luxurious lifestyle filled with gym memberships, organic foods and deep tissue massages, it seems like the hot bod has become the ultimate status symbol. While I’m uncertain as to if this is a passing trend or a new era in fashion, it might be time to start hitting the gym twice a day.

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Bangin’ Bangs!

In case you didn’t already know, I recently got bangs. I’ve been getting so many compliments on them both in person and on Facebook that I just had to do a post dedicated to my bangs. That’s me to the right of Kim Kardashian. It takes a very confident woman to place their picture among such beautiful celebrities with similar hairstyles. I’m not really that confident, I’m just crazy enough to do something like that and fascinated by how many celebrities are now sporting the same look I am.

It’s not that I copied them or that they copied me or anything.  It’s just now that I have bangs, I’ve been noticing how many celebrities also do and I feel more connected to them.  Kim K. and I both got bangs during the last week of 2011.  Which gives us a unique connection as bangs buddies.  I totally love Lea Michele’s bangs on Glee and last night my friend told me I looked like Leighton Meester when I introduced her to my new bangs.  I know they will grow out shortly and become a side bang, but they’re fun for now.

Who to Aspire to Be and When

I am a strong believer in the complexity of people. It is next to impossible to describe anyone in three words because from second to second we are a million different people. Unlike the average person who lives their life in the norm, socialites and celebrities show their many sides in the public eye. In every aspect of your socialite life, you should be the best of the best.

Here I give you every Aspiring Socialite’s guide to which socialites/celebrities to emulate and in what situation.

On the party scene: Though she is so much more, Paris Hilton is the ultimate party girl who knows how to get photographed at every A-list event.  Instead of cocktails, this heiress likes to down red bulls to keep up her energy late into the night.

When meeting your boyfriend’s parents: Known as America’s Sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon is the potential daughter-in-law every parent dreams about.  In fact, I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t love Reese Witherspoon or doesn’t want to be her best friend.

When launching your line: Kim Kardashian along with the rest of the Kardashian Klan have business ventures worth millions.  Their empire stretches from fashion, to fragrances, to reality TV, magazine covers, and much more.  So when it comes to being a businesswoman, take a hint from the Kardashians.

On an interview: Weather you are on a job interview or being interviewed by the ladies of The View, you need the royal presence and poise of Kate Middleton.  The Duchess of Cambridge may also be a great person to imitate on the catwalk.  Not only is she a fashion icon, but everyone knows she landed her prince while modeling a sheer number in a charity fashion show back at St. Andrews.

Though it is always important to make your own path and not focus on becoming like one person alone, mixing the best qualities of the rich and famous into one can be your one way ticket to high society.

Discovering Your Socialite Alter Ego

Unless you are already a long-established member of the A-list, getting into the hottest parties over the holidays can be quite difficult. With the Hamptons frozen over and commitments being a minimum, the shopping and club scenes of NYC are undisputedly at their craziest. This year, as you are revamping your wardrobe at the after Christmas sales, I suggest you begin the process of discovering your socialite “alter ego” which in Latin means “the other I.”  Sure Christina Aguilera has Xtina and Beyonce identifies with Sasha Fierce, but for those aspiring, an existing celebrity, preferably a current socialite, is a far better choice to be your second identity.

Finding the correct alter ego A-Lister is a total confidence boost.  Plus, but if the bouncer at a club is giving you a hard time you can always pretend to be their cousin or something.  You never know, it could work and if it doesn’t, pretending to be someone you are not for the night is still a fun stunt to pull.  This idea came to me over Christmas dinner when I looked at my mother across the table and realized that her hair looks exactly like Kris Jenner’s.  Having a mother who resembles one of the most famous moms in Hollywood, must make me an almost socialite.  Put my mom in L.A. for a couple of days and she would practically be Mrs. Jenner’s twin. With the Kardashains on my mind, I then looked to the other side of the table and thought I was looking at Kourtney Kardashain, but it was actually my little sister, Caroline (only she actually dates a very nice guy.)  I guess I am the odd one out because instead of being a distorted mirror image of Kris Jenner’s daughter, our favorite dark-haired socialite, Kim Kardashian, my socialite alter ego is none other than Nicky Hilton.

My Mom, Renee Wulf (left) and Kris Jenner (right)

My little sister Caroline Sullivan (left) & Kourtney Kardashian (right)


Socialite Book Club – 2010 Winter Edition

Socialites need their downtime and everyone knows that the higher you climb up the social ladder the more ski vacations and holiday parties you are committed to attending over the winter. Books are an excellent way for current and aspiring socialites alike to relax and dream. This Holiday Season, I am proud to present the first ever Aspiring Socialite Winter Reading List full of the ultimate high society fireside reads.

1. A Matter of Style: How 10 Famous Women Changed Fashion profiles 10 of the most elegant women in history including Coco Chanel, Lady Diana, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe.  Breathtaking photography brings these iconic women and their style back to life.  The book is the perfect inspiration for anyone looking to recreate a vintage glam look.

2. American Wife is the fictional story of Alice Lindgren, a naive girl who catches the eye of a privileged Ivy Leaguer who is not only charming, but also the heir to a political dynasty.  Though fiction, the story is based on the real life of First Lady Laura Bush.

3.  Kardashian Konfidential shows the human side behind three of the biggest famous for being famous reality TV celebrities.  It contains childhood memorabilia along with Kardashian style secrets and business strategies.

4.  The Overnight Socialite is a modern Cinderella/My Fair Lady hybrid that tells the story of Lucy Jo Ellis, a small town girl who moves to Manhattan with dreams of becoming a fashion designer.  She finds herself going nowhere until she meets Wyatt Hayes IV who makes her New York’s hottest It girl, but with questionable intentions.

5.  Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang every socialite needs a laugh and who better to give it to them than Chelsea Handler.