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A Royal Baby Welcome!


The Royal Baby Watch has ended! Though we still haven’t heard the official name of Baby Boy Windsor, it’s time everyone’s favorite royal couple had a moment of rest. Having blogged about the Royal Wedding more than two years ago, I’m so happy to see that the happy couple has given birth to a healthy baby boy who has absolutely no idea what’s in store for him. Since I’m sending my heartfelt congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from New York, I’ll be celebrating this momentous occasion the NYC way by shopping for a commemorative accessory to add to my wardrobe.


1. Alexander McQueen God Save McQueen Pashmina  2. Union Jack Pattern Suitcase Box with Wheels  3. Gold and Diamond Crown Ring  4. Union Jack Teapot Keyring  5. Union Jack Motif Rainboots with Buckle Detail (Perfect for your next trip to rainy London)

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Reason #1827 Why Kate Middleton Has the Best Life Ever!


Kate Middleton or should I say the Duchess of Cambridge is living every girl’s dream. Her fairy tale life got even more magical on her recent trip to the Harry Potter set in Hertfordshire. The stylish princess, accompanied by Prince William and Prince Harry, showed off her royal baby bump in a Topshop Polka Dot Skater Dress and classic black Ralph Lauren Blazer. But, the wand was her ultimate accessory.

To make this moment even more amazing, Kate toured Diagon Alley and even received a wand lesson in the Gryffindor Common Room. I wonder if Will and Kate got any nursery ideas from their trip into J. K. Rowling’s fantasy world. I’m sensing/hoping for a Harry Potter theme.

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A Few Quirky Things


Everyone has those things around the house that are a little for lack of a better word, “different.”  They bring out the more quirky side of your personality that only those closest to you could really understand.  Home is one of the few places where you can truly be yourself, so people tend to keep things around that symbolize their unique spirit.  Living in Manhattan, you can’t keep too much clutter around, but there are a few silly things that I refuse to part with most of which I received either in gift bags at events or as gifts from close friends and family.   Above is what looks like a red Marc Jacobs lipstick, but it’s actually 100% plastic.  I like to keep it in my bathroom next to my face creams to add a glamourous touch.


I’m not ashamed to admit that I have this fridge magnet featuring the wedding announcement of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge displayed prominently on my fridge.  My mom’s friend noticed I’d been blogging a lot about the royal wedding so she gave me this for Christmas and I absolutely love it.


It looks like a high-tech camera lens…


But, it’s actually a mug!

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Kate Middleton in French Connection

Though I admit that I wasn’t crazy about Kate Middleton’s official portrait (I don’t think it did her justice), that doesn’t make her amazing style any less fabulous.  What makes her style legendary is that it’s simple and attainable even to those of us who aren’t exactly royalty.  So I was super excited when it was confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge dawned the Sub Silky Tie Top by French Connection for her official royal portrait.  For the everyday girl, this is the perfect top for the office or other business casual occasion.

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A Sold Out Look: Kate Middleton in Stella McCartney

About a week ago, the Duchess of Cambridge gave a nod to the 1960s in this Cobalt Blue Crepe Dress by Stella McCartney that is sadly, but not surprisingly SOLD OUT.  Stella McCartney also designed England’s Olympic Uniforms so it’s no wonder this patriotic princess chose wear something by the designer to the National Portrait Gallery celebrating 30+ newly commissioned photographic portraits of athletes and key Olympic figures.  Like everyone else, I just can’t get enough of her elegant, yet attainable style that I like to call “Basic Glam.”  I would totally wear this to work or to one of my nonexistent public appearances.  Why isn’t any retailer ever ready for The Kate Effect?

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