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Saturday Socialite Link Up


It hasn’t felt much like spring this week in NYC. Let’s heat things up with some of my favorite links.

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Very Obsessed with Very.com

My Middleton style obsession and my undying love for British fashion has recently led to the discovery of the brilliant British e-tailer, Very.com, that launched in the United States last month with a launch party at the NYC SoHo house. Top American fashion icons such as Nicky Hilton and Whitney Port attended the event celebrating the U.S. introduction of a website dedicated to bringing British labels to the American socialite market.

Pippa and Kate both have an amazing sense of classic style.  So it’s no wonder we’re all obsessed.  It’s been said that Pippa Middleton alone generates up to 300 paparazzi pictures each day.  However, once Pippa or Kate is seen wearing something, it sells out within seconds making it nearly impossible to dress in your favorite Middleton looks.  That’s why I’m very thankful for Very.com.  Every time I go on the site, I feel like I’m staring straight into the closets of Britain’s most famous sisters.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post.  I just loved Very.com so much and the ability it has given me to dress in a more Middleton fashion that I couldn’t keep it to myself. 

Discovering Your Socialite Alter Ego

Unless you are already a long-established member of the A-list, getting into the hottest parties over the holidays can be quite difficult. With the Hamptons frozen over and commitments being a minimum, the shopping and club scenes of NYC are undisputedly at their craziest. This year, as you are revamping your wardrobe at the after Christmas sales, I suggest you begin the process of discovering your socialite “alter ego” which in Latin means “the other I.”  Sure Christina Aguilera has Xtina and Beyonce identifies with Sasha Fierce, but for those aspiring, an existing celebrity, preferably a current socialite, is a far better choice to be your second identity.

Finding the correct alter ego A-Lister is a total confidence boost.  Plus, but if the bouncer at a club is giving you a hard time you can always pretend to be their cousin or something.  You never know, it could work and if it doesn’t, pretending to be someone you are not for the night is still a fun stunt to pull.  This idea came to me over Christmas dinner when I looked at my mother across the table and realized that her hair looks exactly like Kris Jenner’s.  Having a mother who resembles one of the most famous moms in Hollywood, must make me an almost socialite.  Put my mom in L.A. for a couple of days and she would practically be Mrs. Jenner’s twin. With the Kardashains on my mind, I then looked to the other side of the table and thought I was looking at Kourtney Kardashain, but it was actually my little sister, Caroline (only she actually dates a very nice guy.)  I guess I am the odd one out because instead of being a distorted mirror image of Kris Jenner’s daughter, our favorite dark-haired socialite, Kim Kardashian, my socialite alter ego is none other than Nicky Hilton.

My Mom, Renee Wulf (left) and Kris Jenner (right)

My little sister Caroline Sullivan (left) & Kourtney Kardashian (right)