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All Access Accessory: Hat Shopping on Thompson St.

In an effort to prepare for the next Royal Wedding, Kentucky Derby, and/or Central Park Conservancy Hat Luncheon, I went on a hat shopping adventure at The Hat Shop on Thompson St. with my friend and fellow blogger Princess Diane von Brainisfried.  Not only did I get to catch up with one of my most beloved Twitter pals, I also learned a lot of about the art behind wearing and choosing the perfect hat for your next high society event.

Your hat should be worn one finger length above your eyebrow.  Contrary to popular belief, not all small hats are fascinators.  A facinator is characterized as a headpiece with feathers because feathers are fascinating.  The small hats you often see are called cocktail hats.  As I discovered today, I look best in cocktail hats.  Throughout the store, many of the hats themselves have names of their own such as “Pinky Goes to the Races,” “Audrey,” and “Ivy.”  “Ivy” was my favorite hat (pictured above.)

Diane and I looking ready for a high society garden party

A haute couture witch’s hat

Diane in a couture hat named “Pinky Goes to the Races”

Me in my second favorite cocktail hat. It looks like a mini mad hatter hat from Alice in Wonderland!

The Hat Shop located downtown at 120 Thompson St. (btw. Prince & Spring) is a full service millinery shop and top notch socialite destination.

Hats are the New Black

I just came across this awesome T-shirt at Ann Taylor LOFT. I am completely obsessed with the design, especially the beadwork. Once I saw it, I was ready to got the beach. But, what struck me the most about this fun t-shirt design was the hat. Recent events such as the royal wedding and the Kentucky Derby have boosted hats into mainstream fashion just in time for summer. Not only are these once overlooked fashion accessories fun and classy, they are also functional in protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Contrary to popular belief, even those with supermodel style hair can benefit from wearing a hat. That’s what fascinators are for. Watch out society ladies, you may be getting a run for your money this summer when it comes to your signature accessory.

At the Kentucky Derby, the horse race is an afterthought. This socialite studded event that took place last weekend is all about the hats. Inspired by the luxurious and sometimes outlandish looks at the royal wedding, this year’s Kentucky Derby proves that Americans too can have a place in hat history. Get set for polo in the Hamptons this summer because the hats are going to be even crazier. To be honest, I am really just getting the hang of this whole hat craze. Though bigger can be better, that’s not always the case.

Socialite Book Club – 2010 Winter Edition

Socialites need their downtime and everyone knows that the higher you climb up the social ladder the more ski vacations and holiday parties you are committed to attending over the winter. Books are an excellent way for current and aspiring socialites alike to relax and dream. This Holiday Season, I am proud to present the first ever Aspiring Socialite Winter Reading List full of the ultimate high society fireside reads.

1. A Matter of Style: How 10 Famous Women Changed Fashion profiles 10 of the most elegant women in history including Coco Chanel, Lady Diana, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe.  Breathtaking photography brings these iconic women and their style back to life.  The book is the perfect inspiration for anyone looking to recreate a vintage glam look.

2. American Wife is the fictional story of Alice Lindgren, a naive girl who catches the eye of a privileged Ivy Leaguer who is not only charming, but also the heir to a political dynasty.  Though fiction, the story is based on the real life of First Lady Laura Bush.

3.  Kardashian Konfidential shows the human side behind three of the biggest famous for being famous reality TV celebrities.  It contains childhood memorabilia along with Kardashian style secrets and business strategies.

4.  The Overnight Socialite is a modern Cinderella/My Fair Lady hybrid that tells the story of Lucy Jo Ellis, a small town girl who moves to Manhattan with dreams of becoming a fashion designer.  She finds herself going nowhere until she meets Wyatt Hayes IV who makes her New York’s hottest It girl, but with questionable intentions.

5.  Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang every socialite needs a laugh and who better to give it to them than Chelsea Handler.