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8 Tips You Should Be Excited to Try Decorating With This Christmas

Christmas Decorating

With the holidays just around the corner, many are changing their focus to make the most of the season. Preparing for Christmas means finding ways to decorate your home with an atmosphere of joy that fits the season. As many combine new holiday trends with traditional decorations, here are eight ideas you’ll want to add to your décor:

1. Start With Tradition

Everyone continues to enjoy classic Christmas decor. A green Christmas tree with lighting and ornaments continues to remain a seasonal staple. If you place your Christmas tree in front of a window, it will provide both indoor and outdoor decor.

2. Add Shine

Gold and silver ornaments, ribbons, tinsel and other materials that add shine are in style this season.  Adding shine can make any corner of your home as bright as your Christmas tree. You can try accenting your tree, tables or exterior areas for an even more glamorous look.

3. Bold Displays

Traditional red and green settings are classic, but many are adding in ornaments and displays that are brighter and bolder in color. You may need sunglasses for these ornaments! Neon greens and reds are being seen more and more in holiday decorating. Adding these to your outdoor decor allows you to show a colorful level of joy this season.

4. Sound the Bells

A traditional style that is a fashionable accent this year is bells.  Tie them with bright ribbons and add them to your Christmas tree or around your home to create an accent that sounds like the Christmas season.

5. Snow and Frosting

If you don’t want to move into bolder colors or gold accents, then you can try the frosted look. Ornaments with white frosting and white accents give your home a winter look. If you are in a snowy area, you can add to your home’s holiday decor by building a stylish snowman.

6. Patterns

Christmas décor now comes in sets. If you want to add vibrant accents in the form of ornaments, wall hangings and table settings, then look for patterns that fit well together. Red and green zig-zags, stripes and even dots can be added in as a stylish touch.

7. Lighting Styles

Many will place Christmas lights in and around their home. However, this year is taking this to the next level with different colors and styles. To add a little something extra, look into making patterns and shapes with your lights.

8. Candle Scenes

The beauty of Christmas is all in the lights. If you want a more traditional look with accents of candlelight, then candles are an addition you will want to highlight in this year’s décor. Candles that come in patterns, textures and themes can really brighten up your home.

The Christmas season is one that is known for joy and celebration. As long as you’re not taking a huge family road trip this Christmas, you’ll want to doll up your house. Adding in festive décor allows you to make the most of the season. Perhaps there’s a new Christmas style you want to try for the first time this year.

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Christmas 2013!

Christmas lights

I spent Christmas with my Mom and sister in my hometown of Wilmington, Delaware which is also the home of this fabulously overdecorated house I visit every year.

gifts under the tree

After sleeping in, opening gifts, and chilling out for a bit

fortune cookie

We went to the movies to see Saving Mr. Banks (great movie) and ordered Chinese food. Fortune cookies are a great way to go into the New Year. My fortune made me particularly excited for 2014.

Christmas movies

After dinner, we watched my favorite Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

It may have been a bit untraditional, but we had a lovely Christmas Day.

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Affordable Holiday Ensembles

In my world, tightening your belt means going on a relaxing diet cleanse at a faraway spa and coming back 10 pounds lighter. But, in the real world where I currently reside, it means trying to do more with less which is often necessary, but never fun. In honor of the hardest time of the year to save money, I’ve put together two amazing holiday ensembles complete with accessories for those upcoming holiday parties.

1.  Dorothy Perkins Black Embellished Shift Dress:  This dress only looks expensive.  Dorothy Perkins has an amazing selection of affordable holiday dresses.

2.  Sabine Black Deco Ring: Make an affordable statement with this fabulous black and gold cocktail ring.

3.  Nine West Gold Peep Toe Pumps: These statement shoes will go perfect with your statement ring.  It’s like having sparkling Christmas ornaments on your feet.

4.  Betsey Johnson Pearl Bow Studs:  These classy studs remind me of the bows on Christmas gifts.

5.  Flocked White Spruce Slim Artificial Christmas Tree: It’s always a good time to decorate A Christmas tree!  I used to be against fake trees, but I’ve come to realize that they can be just as glamourous.



1.  Dorothy Perkins Aubergine Ottoman Flare Dress: Like I said before, Dorothy Perkins has some of the most amazing affordable holiday dresses this year.  Love the flattering cut of this burgundy dress with its festive color.

2.  Nordstrom Sheer Knee High Stockings: Since this dress is rather conservative, I added some knee high stockings to keep you on the naughty list.

3.  ASOS Curb Chain Triangle Necklace: This unique necklace design goes perfect with the dress. It’s bound to turn heads and result in compliments.

4.  BaubleBar Gold Arrow Ring: Gold always goes perfect with burgundy making this the perfect ring for this holiday outfit.

5.  Mossimo Versie Platform Leopard Pump: This semi sexy shoe will add flare to this ensemble with the knee highs.