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Why Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Dress Just Didn’t Work


Everyone has been talking about the pale pink Prada dress Anne Hathaway decided to wear last minute to the Oscars and the critics haven’t been kind.  I don’t usually do negative reviews, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.  Though her hair and makeup looked amazing, the dress was the wrong color for her, fit her poorly, and made it look like her nipples were showing. In other words, it was a disaster. Shortly after the red carpet, it came out that Hathaway decided the change her dress last minute because the Valentino she had originally planned to wear was too similar to Amanda Seyfriend’s Alexander McQueen that topped by Best Dressed List.

Though no one wants to be caught at an event wearing the same dress as someone else (it was every girl’s nightmare at prom), she forgot one of the cardinal rules of fashion.  As Coco Chanel put it, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”  Had Anne stuck with her original dress, no one would have noticed that it was similar to that of her Les Misérables co-star.  We’ve seen a lot of white on the red carpet this Awards Season so seeing another white beaded dress wouldn’t have ruffled any feathers.  The only thing everyone would have remembered was how beautiful she looked in it when she accepted the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her impeccable performance of I Dreamed a Dream.  As an Oscar winner, I’m sure Anne Hathaway will soon get over her dress debacle and will have many chances to redeem herself on the red carpet.  But, maybe next time, she’ll concentrate less on what others are wearing and focus on what works for her.

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…And the Oscar Goes To

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are so close that I can almost feel the softness of the red carpet under my feet.  Soon James Franco and Anne Hathaway will be famously standing on stage announcing this year’s much-anticipated winners.  I know they say it every year, but this has truly been a great year in film.  With The Social Network and Black Swan as my frontrunners, I predict that a select few will be walking away with numerous awards.  Since I have been too busy following the engagement of William and Kate religiously, I have yet to see The King’s Speech, but I believe that film will also take away its share of awards.

As every socialite knows, no awards show is ever about who wins, but about who Joan Rivers and the rest of her Fashion Police posse deem the best and worst dressed.  Ever since I was a little girl, the designs of Oscar de la Renta have always been my favorite on the red carpet.  So it is going to be a very close race between Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang as to who will win the Oscar for designing my wedding gown.  Truth is always stranger than fiction.  Since I’m a little bit dramatic when it comes to just about everything, I think that maybe I should get an Oscar for playing myself in real life.  I have done an excellent job and it’s not my fault that there weren’t any cameras there for my most tragically beautiful moments.  So this year as I watch the biggest movie stars of the moment walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards while tweeting simultaneously, I will not cease to remember that I aspire to be myself only in a far more iconic way.