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Why Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Dress Just Didn’t Work


Everyone has been talking about the pale pink Prada dress Anne Hathaway decided to wear last minute to the Oscars and the critics haven’t been kind.  I don’t usually do negative reviews, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.  Though her hair and makeup looked amazing, the dress was the wrong color for her, fit her poorly, and made it look like her nipples were showing. In other words, it was a disaster. Shortly after the red carpet, it came out that Hathaway decided the change her dress last minute because the Valentino she had originally planned to wear was too similar to Amanda Seyfriend’s Alexander McQueen that topped by Best Dressed List.

Though no one wants to be caught at an event wearing the same dress as someone else (it was every girl’s nightmare at prom), she forgot one of the cardinal rules of fashion.  As Coco Chanel put it, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”  Had Anne stuck with her original dress, no one would have noticed that it was similar to that of her Les Misérables co-star.  We’ve seen a lot of white on the red carpet this Awards Season so seeing another white beaded dress wouldn’t have ruffled any feathers.  The only thing everyone would have remembered was how beautiful she looked in it when she accepted the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her impeccable performance of I Dreamed a Dream.  As an Oscar winner, I’m sure Anne Hathaway will soon get over her dress debacle and will have many chances to redeem herself on the red carpet.  But, maybe next time, she’ll concentrate less on what others are wearing and focus on what works for her.

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My Best Dressed Picks from the 2013 Oscars


#1: Joan Rivers and most of the E! Fashion Police may disagree, but my absolute favorite look from the 2013 Oscar Red Carpet was Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen.


#2: I must be really drawn to Alexander McQueen because my second favorite Oscar Best Dressed pick was the lovely Salma Hayek also in McQueen.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 10.28.06 PM

#3: The dress that made the biggest statement was absolutely Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta.  This is such a statement red carpet dress that’s both elegant and whimsical.


#4: Unlike the majority of the fashion community, I wasn’t crazy about Jennifer Lawrence’s white Dior number on the red carpet.  But, the metallic dress she rocked at the Vanity Fair After Party was 100% Best Actress worthy.


#5: Jessica Chastain looked like a living Oscar statue in Giorgio Armani.

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5 Oscar Night Essentials


Tonight is the night of the 85th Annual Academy Awards and I’m super excited! Not because I’ve seen most of the movies, but to watch the red carpet of course. The suspense of what Hollywood’s hottest celebrities will be wearing is enough to drive any fashionista insane.  Though the Oscars are a night of glamour for some, I much prefer to watch the red carpet, awards ceremony, and after parties at home in the comfort of a stylish pair of pajamas.  To make this night a celebrity status experience, there are a few must-haves every girl who isn’t walking the red carpet should have while watching the Academy Awards:

1.  Champagne: Everyday is a good day to drink like the stars.  When you’re celebrating a great year in film, champagne is a must.

2.  Popcorn Cakes: To go along with the whole movie theme, you’ve got to break out the popcorn.  I personally, recommend low calorie popcorn cakes.

3.  Stylish Pajamas: If you’re not in the market for a best dressed worthy evening gown for Oscar night, pick up a stylish pair of new pajamas.  I love these Bedhead Pajamas from Bergdorf Goodman.

4.  Comfy Slippers: Even for a casual night at home, footwear is still important, especially on a cold February night.  My pick for this award goes to these Jessica Simpson Faux-Fur Slippers.   

5.  Drink Accessories: Aside from drinking champagne in your pajamas, I love coming up with cocktail recipes that go along with the nominated films.  These Ice Princess Ice Cube Straws are perfect to put the finishing touches on your Oscar-themed cocktails.

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The Best Dressed at the 2012 84th Oscar Academy Awards

The glamour of the red carpet is the ultimate union of Hollywood and Socialite America. Awards shows always seem to make me believe that by this time next year, I too could be walking the red carpet in a couture gown and millions of dollars worth of jewels complete with a personal bodyguard to follow me around making sure no one steals them.

That being said, there are a few amazing celebrity looks that went down the red carpet last night that I’m particularly obsessed with. First and foremost, my #1 Best Dressed is Jessica Chastain in a classically beautiful Alexander McQueen. It seems McQueen can do no wrong when it comes to huge events and I think it’s so cute that she brought her Nana. I’m going to have to learn how to wear a cape correctly because Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t have looked more regal in a white Tom Ford gown. I also adored Cameron Diaz in Gucci. Her dress gave an elegant burst or color on the red carpet both the hair and accessories went perfect with the dress making her look like every actress should at the Oscars.

Other huge 2012 Oscar obsessions of mine include the gowns of superstars Viola Davis, Angelina Jolie, and Penélope Cruz. Viola Davis looked wonderful in Vera Wang. The green looked incredible on her and I loved that she kept her hair natural. Her personality and natural beauty truly shined through. Angelina Jolie upped the sexy factor on the red carpet in a black Versace. The red lip was the perfect touch to this look. Penelope Cruz dazzled like a red carpet Cinderella in Armani Prive. Truly red carpet royalty.

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards: The Morning After

I would like to thank the Academy for a fabulous night of fashion.  In spite of a few blunders; the dresses this year were fabulous Hollywood looks.  To celebrate my love for film and red carpet style, I have compiled a list of Socialite Superlatives highlighting the best (and worst) looks of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

Best Dressed: Mila Kunis looked like a goddess in a lavender chiffon gown by Elie Saab Haute Couture. It is looks like this that the Oscars are truly about.  I tend to wear a lot of purple, but the glamour in this dress is unlike anything I have ever seen.

Worst Dressed: Cate Blanchett’s Givenchy gown with the unsightly circle in the front looked like it is was inspired by Lady Gaga arriving in an egg at the Grammy Awards.  Though it may have gotten good reviews from some style commentators, I thought it was by far the worst look on the red carpet.

Cutest: Hailee Steinfeld, nominated for her role in True Grit, took no cues from Miley Cyrus when she walked out on the red carpet in a one-of-a-kind Marchesa gown that she designed herself.  Not only did she look fabulous, she looked her age.

Best Hair: Reese Witherspoon looked stunning in a black and white Giorgio Armani Prive gown. When it comes to an evening look, I have always been a huge fan of black and white.  However, her hair was the best I have seen in a while on the red carpet.  I am in adoration of this ponytail.

Most Balanced: Amy Adams sparkled on the red carpet in L’Wren Scott and $1.5 Million worth of Cartier jewels.  What I loved about this dress is that while the slit showed a lot of leg, a well-covered top complimented it.  When choosing the perfect evening look, it is always good to show one or the other.

Most Daring: Helena Bonham Carter should always wear black.  She looked fabulously normal in a dress designed by costume designer, Colleen Atwood.  Though she looked much more put together than she normally does during awards season, the dress was still very much her style.

Prettiest: Best Actress winner, Natalie Portman, looked ballerina pretty in a purple Rodarte floor-length gown.  The dress was the perfect design for any expectant mother.  She was absolutely glowing.  Black Swan may have taken away Best Actress, but purple was the color of choice this year on the red carpet.  It seems like Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis shared more than a make out scene this year in film when they both sported the signature color at the 2011 Oscars.

Best Pattern: Scarlett Johansson’s Dolce & Gabbana Oscar gown may have gotten mixed reviews, but I really liked it.  Both the pattern and cut really worked for her.  You can’t have a red carpet without lace.

Most Star Studded: Gwyneth Paltrow rocked the red carpet in a sparkling Calvin Klein.  She embodied the excess and celebration that is the Oscars while looking like a couture glass of champagne.

Most Memorable: Jennifer Hudson looked red hot on the red carpet in an orange-red Versace.  Not only did she have a couture gown to show off, she also had a sexy new body to strut down the red carpet.