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My Predictions for 2015

New Years resolutions

I can’t believe it’s 2015. It feels like only yesterday it was 2005 and I was about to graduate from high school. Since then I’ve graduated college, moved to New York and started a blog. Though I’m not one for resolutions, this year I’m really working toward a fatter bank account and a skinnier waist. I’m even going to start running for the first time ever.

While visiting a psychic is super fun and a great way to start a New Year, I decided to make my own predictions this year based on the trends I’ve seen and experienced as a fashion blogger in NYC. Here’s what I see trending in 2015…


Based on what I’ve seen on the runways of the last two New York Fashion Weeks, I see 2015 beauty being very polarized. While the nude no makeup look will be popular, so will intensely bold eyes with big black liners.

Other beauty trends such as negative space manicures showing some of the natural nail, metallic temporary jewelry tattoos, metallic accents/eyeshadows, faux piercings and nail art will also remain popular throughout the year. If anyone can figure out how makeup artists actually do faux piercings please let me know because it’s a total mystery to me.


Since fashions don’t change as fast as they used to, I see street styles such as skinny jeans, leggings and boots sticking around through 2015.

As for new trends, I predict that the 90s will have an even bigger influence on 2015 with the return of denim outfits, a touch of grunge and a lot more plaid. Though I’m unsure how much influence goth fashion will have on the coming year, I think it will return in some way to the fashion and/or beauty scene. The fact that the 90s is now the new retro decade really makes me feel old.

Entertainment/Pop Culture

Back to the Future Part II will resurface in 2015 as a pinnacle of pop culture. Thanks to Marty McFly’s visit to 2015 back in 1985, tons of people have their hearts set on a hoverboard. While I think someone will make the hoverboard happen, I don’t think this is the year of flying cars. Personally, I just want a DeLorean.

Game of Thrones will continue to grow in popularity in 2015 and will have influence on fashion and beauty. I predict a Game of Thrones partnership with a beauty brand this year.

Movies exploring the themes of class, government control and the shrinking middle class will become even more prominent in Hollywood.

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The 90s are Back!


Having been a kid in the 1990s growing up with Saved By the Bell, Clueless, and T.G.I.F., it’s kind of starting to freak me out that the 90s are the new retro decade.  For the first time ever, I’m really starting to feel old.  But, in spite of it all, I miss the 90s and I’m glad to see them back in full force.  Sure we still used land lines and paid for the Internet by the hour, but the economy and music were amazing.  So welcome back!

From what I hear, the California grunge look that was all the rage in the era of teenage rebellion will be hitting stores once again this fall.  So in honor of welcoming my childhood’s trends back into modern fashion and pop culture, I put together a grunge-inspired photo shoot starring my favorite green plaid top that I found downtown at a vintage store.  I like to think that it’s actually from the 90s, but who knows.  All I’m missing is a pair of Doc Martens.






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Wildfox Couture SS13 + Clueless = Best Lookbook Ever!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing has influenced who I am today more than the 1995 hit movie, Clueless.  If I didn’t have Kate Middleton listed as my religion on Facebook, I would list Clueless.  For Wildfox Couture‘s SS13 Lookbook, designer, Kimberly Gordon, paid tribute to the cultural phenomenon created by Amy Heckerling that transformed an era of grunge fashion into one of the upscale Beverly Hills teen complete with computerized closets and phrases such as “As If” and “Totally Bogus.”

Growing up as a kid in the 90s with Cher Horowitz as my childhood idol gave me the belief that anything is possible and that a girl can really have it all.  Many thanks to Kimberly Gordon and Wildfox Couture for bringing me back to my childhood self with their amazing SS13 collection.  To view the complete lookbook visit the I Love Wildfox Blog.

I always loved Cher’s Jeep and 90s cell phone

Cher and Dionne meet Tai

Flip your hair and drink Diet Coke

Makeover time!

Remember CDs?

Totally Bogus!

I’d Rather Be Shopping!

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9 Things I Miss Most About the 90s

I feel so lucky to have been a 90s kid!  It was truly the best era to grow up in.  Like the 1920s, the 1990s were a magical time of fashion, prosperity, and the best TV shows ever. Okay, maybe they didn’t have TV in the 1920s, but still.  Sadly, there were no iPhones in the 90s, but Zack Morris could really work that epic brick-sized cell phone while cutting class.  Mini backpacks may be a thing of the past, but I’m psyched to see that 90s fashion is making a Tupac-style comeback.

The 90s were also an incredibly prosperous time for our nation.  Y2K may not have marked the end of the world as once predicted, but aspiring to socialite greatness has become exponentially harder every year since the early 2000s.  I often wonder if it is really the 90s that I miss or if I just miss being a kid.  Either way, I’m celebrating my favorite decade by paying homage to the 9 things I miss most:

1. Saved By the Bell:  Zack Morris was so my first crush making Saved by the Bell the best show ever!  Starting in 2nd grade, I’d rush home to watch this show thinking that my upcoming teenage years would consist of afternoons at The Max, sporting events, locker drama, and crazy dates.  Is Saved by the Bell still on anywhere?  Because I’m totally willing to wake up at 3 a.m. to watch it.  I already have plans to go as my 90s role model, Kelly Kapowski, this year for Halloween.

2. The Clinton Years: I was far too young to join the American workforce, but I must say that the 90s were a very prosperous time for my parents.  They were a time when jobs were steady and nearly everyone had the potential to make great strides up the social ladder.  If President Clinton could run again this year, I would vote for him in a second.

3. TGIF: Watching the Friday night lineup was something I would look forward to every week.  In my house, it really became a family affair.  By 8 p.m. every Friday, we would all be in front of the TV eating pizza in our pajamas.  If you wanted to have anything to talk about with your friends on Monday, you had to watch TGIF.

4. Mini Backpacks: Were the coolest fashion accessory of the early 90s.  Anyone who was anyone had to have one.

5. Clueless Pens: These super girly pens with feathers at the top were made popular by the Clueless movie that I watched at almost every single sleepover I attended throughout the 90s.  In grade school, these were the best pens to take notes with in class because you could pretend you were Cher living the teenage dream in Beverly Hills.  For girls of my generation, Clueless is basically a religion.

6. Full House: Another best show ever that made every little girl want to be an Olsen twin or at least have a twin.  Who didn’t love the Tanner family and their fabulous San Francisco life?

7. TRL: When I say TRL, I mean TRL the show and all associated artists (pre-insane Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, Eminem etc.)  In the 90s, there was nothing like coming home to the top 10 even though Carson Daly would cut off every song.

8. Mood Rings: As a kid, I went through a time when I was obsessed with mood rings and how they would change colors based on body temperature and other factors.  They were cool, but I’m not sure how accurate they were.

9. Virtual Pets: During the 90s I’ll admit I had my share of Furbies, Tamagotchies, Nano Pets, etc.  They were awesome only until they got annoying.

Honorable Mentions: Ring Pops, Beepers (I always wanted one, but my mom said I couldn’t have one because only drug dealers carried them), The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Rollerblades, Skip-It, Sun-In, L.A. Lites Sneakers, Recess, Sweet Valley High, Magic 8-Balls, Windbreakers/Nylon Track Jackets, The Box (Yay! For 24/7 music videos), Super Nintendo, Sonic (Tails was my fav), Snap Bracelets, Sweaters Tied Around the Waist, Daria (It was Quinn who first got me interested in fashion), Jelly Shoes (they’re back I think), Butterfly Clips, Beanie Babies (I still keep mine in my Mom’s basement), Plaid Jumpers, and Velvet Chokers.

Zack and Kelly Forever!  I <3 the 90s!