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Guest Post: Stylish Ways to Pair Sneakers with Skirts and Dresses

When it comes to fashion, it’s nearly impossible to find an outfit that’s both elegant and comfortable. Sneakers are handy and effortless, but who says they can’t be elegant and stylish as well? The sneakers and dress trend has really become popular and for a good reason – it looks amazing and feels even better.

How to wear dresses with sneakers

For those who are still not sure how to pair up sneakers with dresses and skirts, here are a few easy tips to try.

Make it shine

The best way to make a statement is to keep things simple and emphasize a single thing: such as statement jewelry, lipstick and of course – shoes or sneakers. Wear all black: tights, a skirt, a jacket, a hoodie and a bag and in the end simply wear brightly colored sneakers. That way, the color will pop and you will be elegant, discreet, yet memorable in your extraordinary outfit.

Animal print is awesome!

When wearing animal print, you should be careful not to go over the top. It can be tricky trying to find balance, but there is a foolproof way to wear it nonetheless: pair your animal print sneakers with your skirt and rock it.

Dresses with sneakers

This means that your skirt will have to be plain, just as your bag, but your skirt and sneakers will rock! Leopard, tiger, zebra – irrelevant, as long as you like it! Discreet jewelry and a nice pair of sunglasses will complete this chic and wild look.

Casual and elegant

If you’re looking for a way to express both your masculine and feminine side, you can wear a bit bolder version of the dress combined with custom dress shirts borrowed from your boyfriend with simple converse sneakers and see how you can rock this, boyish, yet very elegant look. A plain skirt worn as a dress combined with bright red lipstick and matching sneakers will emphasize your playfulness. In case it gets cold, you can always add tights and a leather jacket to keep you warm and make you look edgy.

LBD and sneakers? Why not!

Wearing your favorite little black dress during the daytime has never been this easy, just put on a pair of simple black sneakers and a bright bag in order not to look too dark. You can pull off this look in your office as well, just remember to wear a cardigan too for a more professional look.

Rocking chiffon like a boss

Wearing chiffon without looking like a bridesmaid is a bit tricky to pull off, but add some edge to it and in the blink of an eye you will look like a biker chick. Wear a maxi chiffon skirt with a plain white shirt, a pair of big, reflective sunglasses, a grab-and-go clutch purse and a pair of black converse sneakers. Add bright lipstick and a messy bun or a casual French plait and you’re ready to own the streets!

Just imagine: having no blisters whatsoever after a long night of partying and getting noticed everywhere for thinking outside the box. Being feminine, stylish and comfortable has never been this easy, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your outfits.

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This guest post is by Sophia Smith, a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with a huge interest in beauty, makeup, fashion and graphic design. She’s best described as a beauty addict and life lover. She’s also a regular contributor to High Style Life. Find her on FacebookTwitter and Google +.

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NYC Fashion Blogger New York Fashion Blogger

Since being a socialite means being a well-rounded person knowledgable about everything from style and literature to pop culture and current events, I’m taking it upon myself to put everything an Aspiring Socialite needs to know in one place each week. Almost every Saturday, I’ll be posting a “Saturday Socialite Link Up” featuring 10-15 of my favorite articles, blog posts, products and more. Now, when you wake up at noon on Saturdays, you’ll have some inspiring information to click through as you lounge around in your pajamas. Enjoy the first edition!

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My Predictions for 2015

New Years resolutions

I can’t believe it’s 2015. It feels like only yesterday it was 2005 and I was about to graduate from high school. Since then I’ve graduated college, moved to New York and started a blog. Though I’m not one for resolutions, this year I’m really working toward a fatter bank account and a skinnier waist. I’m even going to start running for the first time ever.

While visiting a psychic is super fun and a great way to start a New Year, I decided to make my own predictions this year based on the trends I’ve seen and experienced as a fashion blogger in NYC. Here’s what I see trending in 2015…


Based on what I’ve seen on the runways of the last two New York Fashion Weeks, I see 2015 beauty being very polarized. While the nude no makeup look will be popular, so will intensely bold eyes with big black liners.

Other beauty trends such as negative space manicures showing some of the natural nail, metallic temporary jewelry tattoos, metallic accents/eyeshadows, faux piercings and nail art will also remain popular throughout the year. If anyone can figure out how makeup artists actually do faux piercings please let me know because it’s a total mystery to me.


Since fashions don’t change as fast as they used to, I see street styles such as skinny jeans, leggings and boots sticking around through 2015.

As for new trends, I predict that the 90s will have an even bigger influence on 2015 with the return of denim outfits, a touch of grunge and a lot more plaid. Though I’m unsure how much influence goth fashion will have on the coming year, I think it will return in some way to the fashion and/or beauty scene. The fact that the 90s is now the new retro decade really makes me feel old.

Entertainment/Pop Culture

Back to the Future Part II will resurface in 2015 as a pinnacle of pop culture. Thanks to Marty McFly’s visit to 2015 back in 1985, tons of people have their hearts set on a hoverboard. While I think someone will make the hoverboard happen, I don’t think this is the year of flying cars. Personally, I just want a DeLorean.

Game of Thrones will continue to grow in popularity in 2015 and will have influence on fashion and beauty. I predict a Game of Thrones partnership with a beauty brand this year.

Movies exploring the themes of class, government control and the shrinking middle class will become even more prominent in Hollywood.

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Stone Jewelry: What to Look For in Next Year’s Big Trend


Fashion is all about coming up with something new. High fashion wants to be bolder, brasher, more elegant, more surreal. We can’t always make the styles we see on the catwalk wearable, but one of the most promising areas we can take inspiration from is the jewelry. Stones are playing a large part in accessory trends this year, and it’s only a matter of time before we start including them in our everyday outfits.


Emerald is one of the most vibrant choices. Look for large cut stones hugged by a gold holding base, simple silver chains, or bracelets with flecks of color and serpentine rings with green eyes. Try matching to the passion for white on the catwalk or returning to vintage style a la Downton Abbey. For those that wear darker more sumptuous styles, emerald is an excellent choice when combined with the LBD and dark evening wear.


A controversial, but growing jewelry choice is to include pieces of amber on silver jewelry. Although technically not a stone, this resin deserves a place due to its slow burn popularity and powerful warm coloring. The icy backdrop makes the rich oranges and reds pop. Jewelers are creating far more stylized silver jewelry accented with stones to bring complex designs to life. Look for beautifully polished surfaces of amber resin or the modernist twisting and wrapping of silver across the stone’s surface.

Colored Crystal

Colored crystal is an incredibly versatile accessory with a variety of textures and shapes for different looks. For a strong rocker look, jagged chunks of crystal set on a think base of gold are becoming popular. Mixing luxury with the hard edge of the rocker lifestyle is often seen on the runway. Sleeker pieces of blue and purple crystal are perfect for evening wear and look stunning against a purple or white outfit.


Sapphires are currently huge in Indian fashion. Sapphire stones are great for any skin tone and they complement both silver and gold perfectly while adding a rich splash of color to any outfit. Look for chunky stone rings, traditional chandelier earrings, or simple pendants with one large stone. Due to its strong color, sapphires are good candidates for street style accessorizing.


Agate is incredibly varied in color and pattern, this soft-toned stone makes a great accessory for those interested in tribal styles as well as an option for people who prefer pastel colored pieces. Pair agate with a tribal outfit of warm oranges and browns. High fashion prefers to use the raw product. I’ve seen a number of chain necklaces linking shards of agate in different jewel tones worn with a muted bohemian outfit.


Though everyday people are still struggling to escape the claws of the recession, there’s no reason not to follow the latest fashions. If you’re looking for a one of a kind piece, make it! A number of jewelry making sites have burst onto the scene over the last couple of years and now is the best time to experiment with creating stone bead bracelets and shard necklaces. You can follow the rough-cut agate trend very easily by making your own pieces of jewelry.

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Is Wearing Shorts with Tights OMG or WTF?

Leggings seem to have found a permanent home in New York City. But, what about the recent trend of wearing shorts over tights? Though I am usually very opinionated when it comes to fashion as to whether something is socialite or not, I am quite conflicted when it comes to the concept of wearing shorts with tights. Throughout spring and fall when the weather is often unpredictable and neither warm nor cold, the shorts/tights combo is an excellent way to incorporate summer and winter clothing in the same outfit. If you get caught in the rain, boots can really compliment this look.

Lately, I have been seeing numerous New Yorkers sporting this trend. While some fashion moguls who sport this style are some of the chicest people bound to turn heads as they strut down Fifth Ave.’s shopping meccas, others look sloppy and inappropriate in this controversial combination. For this reason, I have yet to take the town dressed in such an unlikely union. However, seeing that this is an excellent way to make the wardrobe transition between spring and summer, you may see me wearing denim over nylon very soon.