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The Importance of Staycations

Aspiring Socialite Fashion Blogger White Jeans Ami Club Wear Shoes Pink Heels Staycation

Photo by: Zarif Taufiq

Vacations are awesome. There’s truly nothing better than exploring a new place or relaxing on the beach for a week. However, the hard truth is that we can’t always afford to or have time to go on vacation. That’s where the staycation comes in. A staycation is basically a vacation from everyday life without the time and the hassle of actually traveling somewhere else. When you think about it a staycation is the best of both worlds as it provides all the relaxation of a vacation without the stress that comes with actually getting there.

My Staycation

Going on a staycation can be as easy as hosting a BBQ in your backyard or going on a long hike at a nearby trail. When you live in a big city like New York you often find yourself staying in the same neighborhood and going to the same places time and time again. So I like to use my staycation time to get out of my neighborhood and borough and discover new parts of the city. During the summer, I like to visit The Rockaways in Queens or go all the way uptown to The Cloisters. There are some awesome beaches in The Rockaways. I still can’t believe that you can take the subway there. It’s almost like being on the Jersey Shore rather than New York City. There’s even a genuine Venezuelan arepa bar right on the beach.

The Outfit

My casual chic staycation outfit consists of a V-neck Coffee Days Graphic Tee from Express, White Skinny Jeans, My signature Rebecca Minkoff Love Cross Body Bag and
Fuchsia Ankle Strap Single Sole High Heels from Ami Club Wear. I topped this summer weekend look off with my Betsey Johnson Octogoing Out Today Tortoise Sunglasses which as some of the most unique sunnies I’ve ever owned. I’m also sporting Naughty Nautical Nail Polish by Essie which is one of my favorite summer colors.

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I Slay in Beyonce’s Ivy Park Fitness Line

Ivy Park Fitness Line Beyonce Citi Bike

I’m a huge fan of both fitness and Beyonce. I love working out to her songs. My personal favorite song of hers to slay to at the gym right now is “Formation.”  So when Queen Bey came out with her fab Ivy Park fitness line, I went straight to Topshop and picked out a pair of Mid-Rise Printed Ankle Leggings by Ivy Park and a matching Seamless Racer Vest by Ivy Park. Then I headed to the West Side Highway in my new Marc By Marc Jacobs Side Stripe Aviator Sunglasses and Skechers Memory Foam Sneakers (these are similar) for a casual ride. Since I’m mostly used to riding stationary bikes now, riding one that moves was kind of a culture shock.

One thing I like most about Beyonce’s new Ivy Park fitness line is the prevalence of the number 4. Like Beyonce I was born on September 4th. For my fellow Virgo Queen Bey, 4 has been a significant number throughout her life and her daughter’s name Blue Ivy is a reference to the Roman numeral IV which means 4. While I’ve never met Beyonce in real life, I feel a special connection to her through our birthdays and now through this fitness line.

Photos by: Zarif Taufiq

Aspiring Socialite Ivy Park Citi Bank West Side Highway

Aspiring Socialite Bike Riding Ivy Park Citi Bike

Ivy Park Aspiring Socialite Fitness Gear Citi Bike

Ivy Park Citi Bike West Side Highway

Aspiring Socialite Ivy Park

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Socialite Sunday Photo Shoot

If you think being a socialite is nothing but smoke and mirrors, think again. It’s serious business that requires constant self-reflection. For one who aspires to be in the public eye, it is important to always know who you really are. Let’s face it, if I’m planning on becoming a socialite celebrity one day, I need to start making my face more recognizable.  Over the weekend, my neighbor and I did a mini photo shoot in some of our favorite looks by the mirror in her apartment.  It was tons of fun and great practice for being photographed by the paparazzi.  In true NYC style, our photo shoot was followed by brunch.  Above you see me in one of the fab fitted tees from my Aspiring Socialite T-Shirt Line.  Click here to get one of your own.

A Typical Monday in the Life of An Aspiring Socialite

Starting off the week with a socialite flair: Mondays don’t always have to be bland. In the world of elite socialites, they barely even exist. I blog with the belief that one day, my life will consist of one big weekend. In a city of black, white, and grey I took the liberty of brightening up my Monday with a pair of hot pink capris with the intention of making NYC more like Miami Beach. Just like any New Yorker, I really do enjoy the combination of dressing in all black with one unique accessory to stand out, however, once the weather gets warmer, it’s time to brighten things up a bit.

Turning heads: I don’t know what stopped traffic more: Was it my hot pink pants in a rush hour traffic full of nothing, but black suits? Or was it me stopping to take pictures of myself in reflective surfaces all over the city on my way home? Either way, socialites were made to stand out and aspiring ones are no exception.

Summer shopping: As you can see, I also went shopping at H&M to expand my summer wardrobe for 2011. They have some awesome basics for summer, however, at times it was hard to figure out what was a beach coverup and what was a sundress.

Aspiring to the great wisdom of yoga: At the end of the day, I took to Yoga to the People to expand my energy within. As someone with a life as busy as mine, I need all of the endorphins I can get. Therefore, I turn to hot yoga for both energy and serenity.

Well, that was my day. What do you do on a typical Monday to make yourself more of a socialite?