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An Exclusive Interview with Choupette Lagerfeld


Anyone who’s anyone still doesn’t live as fabulous a life as Choupette Lagerfeld. As the famous first lady of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld’s adorable feline is pampered with all the Chanel couture, maids and fabulousness she can handle. In Choupette’s world, white will always be the new black. As a fellow socialite, she was kind enough to grant me an interview.

1. What advice do you have for people looking to live the socialite life?

The first step is to surround yourself with the right crowd. Or if you’re lucky enough (like moi), be born into fashion royalty.

2. How do you feel about Hello Kitty not being a real cat?

I feel like my childhood has been a lie. But, it’s one less feline to compete with.

3. What would you do if you saw someone carrying a fake Chanel bag?

The claws would come out!

4. You’ve already accomplished more than most humans. What do you have planned next after a book, a makeup line and collections inspired by you?

The sky is the limit for the Choupette empire!

5. What’s the key to success in the fashion industry?

Work hard as an intern, but delegate & produce like a CEO.

6. How does it feel to be the inspiration around various fashion collections?

Can felines be humble?

7. Who is your favorite fashion icon?

Excuse the cliche, but Daddy Karl Lagerfeld of course!

8. What’s the most important etiquette a socialite should follow?

Be seen and not heard. But, when you’re heard, make it on the front page of Women’s Wear Daily!

9. How many maids does one need to lead a comfortable life?

Can you ever have too many?

10. What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere Daddy’s private jet takes me!

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Karl Lagerfeld’s Impulse Collection Hits Macy’s Today

The impressive Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s Impulse line that I recently previewed will hit stories today. On this day in fashion history, even fashionistas with not so deep pockets such as myself can own something designed by the fashion God. Just found this awesome video of the genius at work. It seems we have a lot in common. Like Mr. Lagerfeld, I don’t like counting, especially when it comes to balancing my finances. This sophisticated limited edition collection is in my opinion, the best of the Impulse lines yet. The next collaboration will be with Giambattista Valli, launching Oct. 26.

Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s Impulse Exclusive Preview

Macy’s Impulse is coming out with yet another line this time by famous fashion man Karl Lagerfeld who tweeted today that, “Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress.”  I for one could not agree more with that statement.   Predominantly filled with different shades of pink and black, Lagerfeld’s Macy’s line adds a socialite flare to an office ready outfit.  These looks combined with comfortable fabrics will have you feeling business casual when you are actually business dressy.  Besides, it never hurts to wear something that says “Karl Lagerfeld” on the tag.

In honor of this new very flirty Fall 2011 Capsule Collection that of course I got to preview before anyone else, I ventured downtown to the Yellow Korner on Wooster St. where the clothes were being shown on live models.   Aspiring Socialites are always looking for new ways to bring the socialite life into their everyday activities.   Karl Lagerfeld’s Impulse collection for Macy’s is line that shares that vision.  These outfits are Happy Hour chic while still being completely Midtown office appropriate, a must if you are going to live the Manhattan double life.  If there weren’t enough people already in Manhattan, many of us also seem to lead multiple lives comprised of commonplace office work by day and A-list parties by night.  I guess that explains why I am always so busy.

This 45-piece collection is set to hit Macy’s stores on August 31st. Lagerfeld described the collection to Vogue as “a coup d’oeil to the dresses I designed for Chloe and the girlish, more romantic mood of the seventies.”

Love this pink and black color combo seem throughout the collection.  This my favorite outfit in the line by far.  It’s very office chic.

More of the collection.

Popping bubbly!  Champagne is a classic part of every fashion event.

Blake Lively is the New Face of CHANEL

I never thought I’d see the day when Gossip Girl would become boring or irrelevant. But, I think I just did. As New York City’s #1 Aspiring Socialite, I must now give up living vicariously through the fictional Serena van der Woodsen in favor of the real life Blake Lively. Aside from being the new face of CHANEL, Blake Lively is currently among one of the most sought after (and Googled) celebrities of our time.

Maybe it is her smile or her long elegant locks (there is no harm in extensions when they are expertly done) that account for this, but anyone aspiring to fame and fortune has a lot to learn from Miss Lively. Fashion designers have actually been know to pay her to sit in the front row of their shows. To me, that sounds like an excellent career prospect. Today, this 23-year-old Mademoiselle sits at the front line of CHANEL’s latest handbag campaign as a taller and more sober version of Kate Moss. This high fashion mirror shot was taken by none other than Karl Lagerfeld. I can’t believe how many perks there are to being Blake Lively. I hope she got to keep the bag because it’s super cute.