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Get the Look for Less at reFINEstyle.com

Think all those genuine Louis Vuitton bags and Louboutin heels you see all over the city are first generation? Think again. Aspiring Socialites everywhere are discovering the wonderful world of consignment. reFINEstyle.com is an online marketplace of pre-loved designer fashion and accessories. Curated by a hand selected team of sellers across the country, an ever-changing selection of consignment merchandise is offered to the fashion-minded buyer at greatly reduced prices.  Buying designer goods from a respected consignment website is a lot better than buying from eBay.  In fact, I don’t suggest buying designer goods, especially bags from eBay.  Unlike on eBay where it is basically the luck of the draw, reFINEstyle.com works with reputable sellers vetted by the website that only supply the real thing.

Having bought used designer goods myself, I can tell you that much of this so-called “pre-loved” couture, looks as if it has never been touched.  The Dallas-based website founded by former HR exec, Megan Masoner, (I love it when fashionistas start their own businesses) has an ever-changing selection of over 800 premier brands. Sales last between 7-14 days.  Buyers on reFINEstyle can either “bid” on items or select the “buy it now” option for the price listed.  G3 sales (“Going, going, gone!”) allow for the possibility of scoring great deals on items whose prices are reduced up to 15 times over the course of the sale.  So start strategizing now on how to navigate this dynamic site full of designer treasures.  It’s every Aspiring Socialite’s best-kept secret.

P.S. – This $2,000+ Chanel probably wasn’t the best choice to display affordability, but it was so cute that I had to use it.  However, they do actually have  a lot more affordable pre-loved designer bags.

The Fabulous Life of Rebecca Bonbon, a French Bulldog in NYC

It’s no surprise to me that the ultimate socialite is a pint-sized dog living in a luxurious NYC penthouse overlooking Central Park. Straight from the marvelous mind of, the original Hello Kitty creator, comes Rebecca Bonbon, an adorable French Bulldog from Paris who is adopted by an American girl from New York. According to the legend, the two met in Paris when the girl was on vacation and quickly became BFFs after attending fashion week and shopping together on the Champs Elysees. While in the City of Lights, the pair also indulged in sweet French pastries and bonbons.  The American girl had so much fun with the pooch in Paris that she invited the beloved Rebecca Bonbon to come live in New York with her to continue their opulent adventures.  Before arriving in New York, the two made a stop in Japan.  In New York, they continued living the socialite dream with private jets, chauffeurs, picnics with friends, frolicking in Central Park, and of course bonbons.  The lovable Rebecca Bonbon is best known for her American Express Black Card that just happens to be unlimited allowing her to buy anything and everything at Chanel.  Would it be possible for this girl to adopt me?

The fact is that it’s lonely at the top.  Therefore, socialites always need a companion that fits in your seat in first class and loves you unconditionally.  Like Rebecca Bonbon, however, these puppies often grow up to become socialites themselves which only makes them understand you more.  As part of their back-to-school initiative, a Rebecca Bonbon line of tees and accessories will soon be available at Sears and Kmart.  Teen star, Jennette McCurdy, has been chosen to be the face of the line.  I hope I’m not too old to buy this stuff because I totally plan on it.

Blake Lively is the New Face of CHANEL

I never thought I’d see the day when Gossip Girl would become boring or irrelevant. But, I think I just did. As New York City’s #1 Aspiring Socialite, I must now give up living vicariously through the fictional Serena van der Woodsen in favor of the real life Blake Lively. Aside from being the new face of CHANEL, Blake Lively is currently among one of the most sought after (and Googled) celebrities of our time.

Maybe it is her smile or her long elegant locks (there is no harm in extensions when they are expertly done) that account for this, but anyone aspiring to fame and fortune has a lot to learn from Miss Lively. Fashion designers have actually been know to pay her to sit in the front row of their shows. To me, that sounds like an excellent career prospect. Today, this 23-year-old Mademoiselle sits at the front line of CHANEL’s latest handbag campaign as a taller and more sober version of Kate Moss. This high fashion mirror shot was taken by none other than Karl Lagerfeld. I can’t believe how many perks there are to being Blake Lively. I hope she got to keep the bag because it’s super cute.

Lord & Taylor has both Beauty & Brains

I just had an amazing evening at Lord & Taylor in which I along with NYC’s most stylish bloggers, got an inside look into their expanding cosmetics department. Armed with hot pink hard hats, we were given a tour of the first floor construction soon to be home to a revolutionary cosmetics department featuring lighting that is as close to the natural rays of the sun as possible ensuring that everyone leaves with the correct shades of makeup. It will also be home to a state of the art Chanel counter, the first of its kind in North America.  To my delight, they have chosen to restore much of the store to its original Fifth Ave. glory using the same materials and uncovering the charming architecture of nearly a century ago.

After the tour, we sampled numerous beauty products accompanied by more champagne. I am head over heels for T3 hairdryers and flat irons. Having won an Opal Sonic Infusion System, I can now take the spa home with me as I fight the appearance of eye wrinkles. I am very impressed with Lord & Taylor’s savvy style when it comes to the business of beauty. I look forward to the grand opening of their unparalleled cosmetics department. Be sure to check out LT in the Know for more information on special events, fashion updates, and charitable causes going on at Lord & Taylor.