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Functionally Beautiful Home Decor


Living in a tiny apartment on the west side of Midtown Manhattan, I’m always looking for beautiful ways to save space. To make this fancy nail polish and makeup station, I saved the vase my boyfriend sent me a dozen roses in on Valentine’s Day, filled it with my favorite nail polish colors, and topped it off with makeup brushes, eyeliner, and a handy nail file. It’s not only a beautiful decoration, but it’s a functional way to store my makeup and nail polish that doesn’t involve having all my beauty products thrown across my windowsill.

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Enter to Win Your Own Birchbox!

Socialites haven’t been known to skimp on anything, especially not cosmetics. Until now, only your makeup artist could tell you which beauty products were worth the investment. As an online influencer/semi-New York City Socialite, I am constantly getting samples of the newest products.  I used to think it was impossible to sample everything, but I was wrong.  For $10 a month, you can get a Birchbox sent to you containing samples of some of the most high end cosmetic, beauty, and personal care products.  Every month even has a different theme.  It’s kind of like sending yourself a gift once a month, only it is actually a surprise.  If you like the products, you can purchase them directly on the Birchbox website and even earn points toward your favorite beauty finds.

Since it is always the socialite way to share the wealth, I am giving away a Birchbox to one lucky reader!  To win, comment on this post telling me the name of your favorite beauty product.  Be sure to include your email address. To learn more about how a Birchbox subscription works, tune into this video.  It’s pink!

Lord & Taylor has both Beauty & Brains

I just had an amazing evening at Lord & Taylor in which I along with NYC’s most stylish bloggers, got an inside look into their expanding cosmetics department. Armed with hot pink hard hats, we were given a tour of the first floor construction soon to be home to a revolutionary cosmetics department featuring lighting that is as close to the natural rays of the sun as possible ensuring that everyone leaves with the correct shades of makeup. It will also be home to a state of the art Chanel counter, the first of its kind in North America.  To my delight, they have chosen to restore much of the store to its original Fifth Ave. glory using the same materials and uncovering the charming architecture of nearly a century ago.

After the tour, we sampled numerous beauty products accompanied by more champagne. I am head over heels for T3 hairdryers and flat irons. Having won an Opal Sonic Infusion System, I can now take the spa home with me as I fight the appearance of eye wrinkles. I am very impressed with Lord & Taylor’s savvy style when it comes to the business of beauty. I look forward to the grand opening of their unparalleled cosmetics department. Be sure to check out LT in the Know for more information on special events, fashion updates, and charitable causes going on at Lord & Taylor.