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Trend Alert: Mid Knuckle Rings

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It may not feel like it, but spring is just around the corner and the trends are beginning to bloom. One trend I’ve recently spotted are Mid Knuckle or Above the Knuckle Rings. Though these rings are interesting, I’m not sure how I feel about this new jewelry trend. Sure they’re unique and can compliment your pastel spring nail polish, but wearing rings above your knuckles can also look awkward and uncomfortable. In other words, I’m kind of in a hot or not debate over the mid knuckle ring trend. So I want to hear your opinion.  Let me know what you think of this new spring accessory in the comment section.  If you like what you see, you can find the above rings on MissKL, Etsy, and Planet Blue.  Happy Commenting!

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Change Your Jewelry as Often as You Change Your Shoes With JennaLogan.com

Looking rich and famous is the first step toward actually being rich and famous.  Costume Jewelry can be fun, but nothing compares to the feeling of draping yourself in real fine jewels fit for the elite.  Thanks to the launch of JennaLogan.com, fine jewelry no longer has to be something you only wear in your daydreams as you stroll down Fifth Ave. admiring the jewels in the windows with price tags equivalent to months and months of rent.  Well, it may be time to start daydreaming about something else because JennaLogan.com is a website that allows you to rent and wear the finest jewelry for less than a dollar a day.  Perfect for both weddings or proms.

With new styles arriving daily, the website offers free shipping and returns with no initiation or cancellation fees.  So check out JennaLogan.com’s dazzling selection of fine jewelry and satisfy your cravings for A-list glamour without breaking the bank.  You can keep your rentals for as long as you want and if you really fall in love with an item you will be given the opportunity to purchase it at a discounted rate.  Aspiring Socialite readers can register to win an exclusive jewelry giveaway.  The prize is a socialite style pair of Blue and White Diamond Earring Paisleys set in Sterling Silver valued at $499.99.  Click here to sign up!  I guess diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own.

All Access Accessory: The Socialite and the Frog

Cocktail rings have always been a great way to jazz up an outfit, especially when it comes to evening wear.  I love wearing them because they always make me feel like a princess with their large sparkling stones.  On my last birthday (mark your calendars for Sept. 4th,) my good friend Tory got me a vintage ring with yellow stones that I absolutely adore.  It reminds me of all the great times we had together in college whenever I wear it.  As long as there are drinks and parities, there will be cocktail rings.

Today, during a short shopping trip down Fifth Ave, I came across this adorable cocktail ring shaped like a frog at the Barami store on 45th and 5th.  Aside from reminding me of the fact that I desperately need to get my nails done, this gorgeous piece of costume jewelry immediately reminded me of the fairy take The Princess and the Frog.  I believe that accessories always have a deeper meaning behind them.  Why do you think I buy so many?  This one, got me thinking about fairy tales and the little things in life.  Sometimes in a big city like New York, it is important to focus on the small things like a well-designed ring, a new bag, or coffee with a friend.

Look forward to reading an “All Access Accessory” post every Thursday on Aspiring Socialite.  Be sure to tweet about the deeper meaning behind your accessories using the hashtag #AllAccessAccessory.

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