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Being Touristy!


For two years running, my Mom has come up for Delaware to New York City for her birthday. I guess now you can call it a tradition. This year, we decided to be super touristy and take both a bus and boat tour of Manhattan. I would absolutely recommend the boat tour or at least taking a boat cruise around the Hudson River (which I plan to try next). However, the bus tour was at best okay. Even as a tourist you see most of the places walking anyway and the tour guide was super annoying. What I liked most about the boat tour is that you could see the city from a whole new prepective and get see the Statue of Liberty up close at sunset.

Macy's NYC


flatiron building

NYC Traffic

city life


Statue of Liberty

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Stripes and Sunglasses


I’ve recently gotten back into Mad Men. Like millions of Americans reliving the 60s through this hit series, I’m very much looking forward to the season finale on Sunday. Though I’m quite intrigued by the story, I mostly watch for the fashion. Now that the show is exploring life in the late 60s, I’m loving the shorter hemlines and often find myself scouring vintage shops in search of styles fitting that of Sally and Megan Draper.

Not having found a genuine late 60s mini dress, I fished through my closet looking for something similar. When I came across this short striped dress and Jackie O. sunglasses, I decided to enjoy a beautiful day with a luxurious walk along the Hudson River.





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Westside Wonders

Saturday was one of those spring days that make you happy to be alive. In celebration of this glorious day, I headed to the Hudson River to enjoy an afternoon of day drinking along the water at the Chelsea Piers Brewery.

The views of the Hudson and the city from the most western edge of the island of Manhattan were inspiring. So inspiring that my friends and I took a spontaneous ferry ride to the other side of the river to drink sangria in Hoboken.  Thanks to this past Saturday, I’m looking forward to an awesome summer filled with sun-drenched weekend excursions.

It’s a beautiful Saturday in Manhattan! I’ll drink to that!

Hello Hoboken!  What a glorious day to dine on the Hudson River at Chelsea Piers.

Walking down the Westside Highway

A spontaneous ferry ride to New Jersey

The view from across the Hudson River in Hoboken.