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Golden Girls of the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

gold-jewelryAs the weather warms up, the world is reminded that it is that time of year again when the Hollywood elite are transported to the French Riviera for decadent parties, exclusive events, and copious amounts of movie watching, otherwise known as the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival. In typical French manner, fashion was at the forefront of the scene and one particular gilded guardian stole the spotlight. From glistening lemon hues to sunshine yellows, gold jewelry become Cannes’ simplest yet most luxurious style statement.

Naomi Watts and Sharon Stone were just a few fashionistas to be spotted wearing gold throughout the festival.  At LoveGold’s Ultimate Gold Collection Fashion Show, Anna Dello Russo wore a gold Bulgari necklace that complemented the charm of her flamenco inspired skirt. So take a fresh step this summer, say goodbye to the shiny silver counterparts, and go bold with gold.

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Marilyn Monroe at Macy’s Preview


Macy’s just unveiled their exclusive Marilyn Monroe Collection dedicated to the sassy style of the 21st Century Hollywood icon.  If there’s anywhere for Miss Monroe to come back to life, it’s in a movie theater.  So Tribeca Cinemas was the perfect place to hold the preview.  This flirty and fun collection, said to be a modern take on the starlet’s retro style, will be available at 150 Macy’s stores and online in March.  I’ve always been fascinated by the life and mysterious death of the iconic Marilyn Monroe.  Having been captivated by many Lifetime movies about her, I can’t wait to dress like the girl once known as Norma Jean.

I’m so happy that this collection is launching just in time for spring.  I adore all of the reds, pinks, and figure flattering styles.  The soft blues, cherry prints, and polka dots give the collection a soft girl next door quality.  I could totally see myself wearing various pieces on the boardwalk this summer during a beachside weekend.  With prices from $29 to $89, you don’t have to be on a Hollywood budget to snag a sexy halter dress or gingham tie-front button-down top.  I think Macy’s needs to come out with a Jackie collection next.  After all, it’s only fair.






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Young Hollywood Up and Comer: Alexandra DiNovi

While New York is a city of aspiring socialites, Los Angeles is one of aspiring actors.  But, why not have the best of both worlds?  After all, both socialites and actors need headshots.  I have recently become Twitter pals with the incredibly talented, Alexandra DiNovi, a Beverly Hills-based socialite and actress.  Aside from throwing huge over the top parties in Beverly Hills on Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day for hundreds of her nearest and dearest and cruising about town with BFF, Jaimie Hilfiger, Alexandra DiNovi won Best Actress at the 2010 New York International Film Festival for her leading role in Purity, A Dark Film.  She has been known to attend red carpet and private social events in L.A. on a regular basis.

Originally from Hinsdale, Illinois, this red carpet mogul was discovered in a restaurant while she was in high school.  Like many great actresses with a dream, Alexandra made the move to sunny Los Angeles to study Theatre, Communications, and Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University.  Alexandra DiNovi is a face you are going to want to watch.  I see great things for her and am looking forward to partying it up socialite style with her next time she is in NYC.  As aspiring up in comers, we have a lot in common.  You can also catch Lexi on the radio/TV show she hosts known as Late Nights with Lexi. Many thanks to Lexi for being a fabulous actress, socialite, fashionista, and friend.  Best of luck in all you do.

Glam Rock SoBe Collection Debuts in Hollywood

Elegant watches have long been a symbol of wealth and class.  Socialites have always been known to sport designer watches as a true symbol of timeless style.  Though the wristwatch has now been replaced by cell phones as a primary means of telling time, the classic watch still remains an iconic fashion accessory for every season.

Today, Glam Rock Watches debuted their SoBe Collection in Hollywood with the announcement of a special partnership with the Give Back Hollywood Foundation‘s new Hollywood Pledge campaign.  Celebrity ambassadors for this campaign include the recently engaged Kim Kardashian, Jewel, and Denzel Washington.  In honor of this wonderful cause, the Miami-based watch designer will be selling limited edition Hollywood Pledge watches with part of the proceeds going directly to the pledge.

SoBe watches allow women to instantly change the look of their watch with patented “Just Click” technology inspired by how people in Miami transition from the office to the beach or from a boat to a party.  In one motion both the and straps case cover can be changed for an entirely new look.  Though Hollywood Pledge formally launches today, some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities will be attending the ultra exclusive VIP Launch Party and beauty retreat at a private Beverly Hills mansion on Saturday in honor of this ever so “timeless” partnership.

Jaimie Hilfiger on Old Hollywood Romance

By: Vicky Sullivan (Founder/CEO of Aspiring Socialite) for Cupid’s Pulse

Supermodel Jaimie Hilfiger, niece of famed fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, has been seen around town wearing the latest in fashion which includes old Hollywood styles. During L.A. Fashion Week, she wore a light pink cocktail dress complete with old world-inspired lace and Edwardian beadwork designed by Sue Wong to the designer’s My Fair Lady Champagne Brunch/Fashion Show at The Ceders, the former historic Hollywood home of silent-screen icon Norma Talmadge, which was purchased by Wong in 2004. Hilfiger’s most recent project is being the face of boyfriend Igal Dehan’s jewelry line, Cuffs of Love, worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, the Hilton sisters, and Stevie Wonder.

Hilfiger took time to speak exclusively with me about love, dating and celebrity style. For hopeless romantics intent on experiencing the romance and chivalry of old Hollywood, this young model reveals how to glam up your love life simply by bringing back nostalgic designs and genuine class. As a socialite, your love life should be as glamourous as you are:

What do you like best about old Hollywood styles?

Old Hollywood has inspired so many recent styles, with high-collared fitted outfits and of course, hats. Kate Middleton has taken a lot of her style from old Hollywood and My Fair Lady inspirations. There is just so much one-of-a-kind craftsmanship that goes into these fashions.

How do you incorporate the romance of old Hollywood into your everyday life?

My boyfriend, Igal Dehen, is from Paris so it’s always a romance movie in my house. At the height of old Hollywood, men had a lot of manners and courted women with the utmost respect.

Do you feel that wearing these soft, glamorous styles evoke old-school romance?

Yes, you’re absolutely treated differently. When you present yourself with class, you’re treated with class. People also tend to take you more seriously in classically beautiful styles.

How has being from a famous family affected your dating life?

You have to find someone who doesn’t care either way and is there for you. They must be successful in their own right and aren’t looking for a free ride.

Besides a man, what is your favorite accessory?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

What tips can you give our readers on how to get ready for a date?

The day of the date you should wake up early and go to the gym. Make time to talk to your girlfriends that day. Wear something hot, but not slutty. It is very important that you’re comfortable in what you wear, or you won’t be comfortable on the date. Don’t be exactly on time, because chances are he won’t be. But don’t be any more than 10 minutes late, because otherwise you look like a diva.

How do you dress for a casual vs. formal date?

No matter if the date is casual or formal, you should always be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Always ask what you’re doing first so you know what to wear. Even if you’re wearing heels to a fancy dinner, you should bring along a pair of flats in your purse in the event that you take a walk on the beach after dinner.

What other dating tips and advice can you give us?

Don’t text or be on your phone while on a date. Be polite and ladylike. Always say “please” and “thank you.” Remember that 90 to 95 percent of the time he’s more nervous than you are.

For more on Miss Hilfiger, visit her websiteFacebook page and follow her on Twitter: @JamieHilfiger. Stay tuned for more inside tips from Jaimie on fashion and making an entrance worthy of socialite status exclusively on Aspiring Socialite.