What Should Really Be On Your Christmas List This Year: 12 Items Every Girl Should Ask For

It’s always a tricky one when people ask you what you want for Christmas. You might not be able to think of things off the top of your head. And you then tend to end up with items that just sit in a drawer for the rest of the year or have to be exchanged after Christmas as you don’t really like them. Therefore, you should get a list ready so that you can tell friends and family without hesitation about what you need. But what should be on the list? Here are 12 items every girl should put on their Christmas list this year!


A Beautiful Pocket Diary

Every girl needs to stay organized. Although your iPhone’s calendar is one good way to stay in the know, we love an old school planner! After all, a pocket diary can easily fit in your handbag, and you can refer to it before making plans. It’s an excellent way to ensure you don’t double book yourself when you arrange a meeting for work. You can also keep everyone’s birthdays in there so that you never miss an important date. 

A Cute Wooly Hat and Scarf Set

It’s so cold on winter mornings. Therefore, you need to ask for a wooly hat and scarf set for a Christmas gift. That way, you can wrap up before hitting the cold weather. And bobble hats are so on-trend at the moment so that you can look fashionable while keeping warm. You could even add some cute mittens to your list too. That way, your fingers stay cozy when you go outside in the morning! You can find some beautiful ones on sites such as the gifts for her collection by Cuckooland.com

A Pair of New Louboutins

I think we would all love a pair of great new shoes for Christmas. After all, girls can never have enough high heels! And one pair of shoes which should be on your list this year is a pair of Louboutins. They would definitely come in useful, whether it’s for work or for going out on a Saturday night. You can look on their site to find the latest Louboutins that need to be added to your Xmas list!

A Great New Handbag

I have so many handbags that they actually require their own wardrobe. However, just like shoes, you can never have enough bags in your life. After all, you can swap between them depending on your color choice for that day. Therefore, you should ask for a new handbag for Christmas. And if they can stretch their budget, you should add in the matching wallet too. That way, you don’t have to hunt down one that matches the bag in the January sales.

A Scented Candle

There are lots of downfalls to winter. The frosty weather is just one of them. However, one thing every girl does love about winter is the arrival of scented candles. They can make the room you’re sitting in smell divine. And a gingerbread candle is rather fitting for the season. Therefore, you should add some candles to your list for Christmas!

A New Pair of Sneakers

Although Christmas has a ton of benefits, all the food can cause weight gain and it makes us feel ready to start working out in January. Therefore, to prepare for all the exercise you are going to do, you should ask for a new pair of sneakers for Christmas. If you are going to go to the gym, you need a good pair to be able to use all the equipment. And a pair of sneakers will come in handy if you are going to start running around the block!

A Piece of Glam Jewelry

Jewelry is definitely a girl’s best friend. And we always need some beautiful gold and silver pieces which we can wear with a killer outfit. Therefore, for Christmas this year, you should be adding a piece of glam jewelry to your list! You can look online for ideas of necklaces and bracelets that you really want this Christmas. Or you can head to the jewelers to see if anything shiny catches your eye. It’s a present that you will definitely use for years to come.

A Spa Treatment

One thing every girl needs is a spa treatment. After all, our back often gets tense after a long week at work. Or we might have a bad breakout and want to repair our skin. Therefore, a back massage or a facial would definitely come in handy. You can suggest treatments you would like to try; unique ones like a seaweed facial might be fun to try as a Christmas treat. And you could always ask them for a full spa day so that you can have an enjoyable day which is bound to destress you!

A Little Black Dress

Every girl needs a cute little black dress in their life. They come in useful for work and for going out on the town. Therefore, it’s a must to have at least one in your wardrobe, so you should add a cute LBD to your Christmas list.

Beautiful Pajamas

This time of the year, we need warm and cozy pajamas. Therefore, you should put a beautiful pajama set on your Christmas list. You should opt for a cotton or silk material which your body will thank you for. And remember to go for long sleeves so that you stay warm during the winter months. 

A Netflix Subscription

Netflix and Amazon Prime have become so popular this year with them both now doing their own original shows. After all, Netflix is the only place where you can watch the Gilmore Girls remake. But with subscription costs turning into an extra monthly bill, it’s hard to fork out for the online platform. Therefore, for Christmas this year, you could ask friends and family to get you a subscription for the platform. That way, you can enjoy 12 months of amazing television and movie options. 

A Great Bottle of Bubbly

It’s an excellent time of the year to enjoy some bubbles. We all love some alcohol during the party season. Therefore, you should ask for a bottle of something sparkly on your Christmas list. That way, you can open it and get merry with your friends! And if you don’t love champagne, ask them for a bottle of your favorite tipple instead!

Once you have sorted out what you want to see under the Christmas tree, you can move on to complete your own Christmas shopping. Read my previous blog for more advice on how to wrap your gifts so that you can wow friends and family members.

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