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My Boho Bridal Shower Tea Party!

In July, (yes I know it’s October, but I’m finally catching up on my blog after planning a wedding) my mom, my aunt and my cousin threw me a beautiful boho bridal shower tea party in Merrimack, New Hampshire. My Dad is originally from New Hampshire so we always spent a lot of time there as kids and I still have family there. So it made sense to have a destination bridal shower.

Boho Bridal Shower

The day was absolutely beautiful and everything I wanted. I got to be the boho bride-to-be that I’ve always dreamed of being and I’d never felt so loved. The backdrop of the New Hampshire woods really made the dream come to life. We had a mimosa bar, healthy wraps, a flower crown station and played Guess the Age of the Bride where they put up a bunch of photos of me throughout my life and people had to guess what age I was. I wasn’t really sure what I age I was in most of them, but my Mom helped me out. I’m not really big on shower games because I think they’re corny, but I really loved this one.

I wore an Aqua dress from Bloomingdales (it also comes in navy) and a boho flower crown. I’m also a huge fan of this flower crown. While I didn’t make the flower crown I wore, I helped everyone else make theirs at the flower crown station. Again if you’re someone who doesn’t like games, but loves nature, a flower crown station is the way to go. Plus, everyone can wear them again at Coachella. I’m so grateful for this day and all of the days to come!  As a thank you to the hostesses, I got them each an AirFriend from Etsy.

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Photos by: Lillie Paula Photography

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