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Breeze Comfort Giveaway!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting back into hot yoga. As long as you stay fully hydrated throughout your entire hot yoga experience, there are just so many benefits to this practice.  However, I wouldn’t recommend doing the traditional 120 degree one because it’s too easy to blackout.  After doing a good hour of hot yoga in a 90-100 degree room I feel so relaxed and energetic for days to come. I think I just found the perfect sports bra to wear to my next class with Breeze Comfort Patented Performance Sports Bras.  Not only to they come in tons of super cute designs, they also make your workout more comfortable through their air circulation technology known as Ventipad.  Breeze Comfort even has a great selection of affordable high quality regular bars and sports tops.

To celebrate this discovery, I’m giving a few away to some lucky readers.  Breeze Comfort Bras come in sizes Small, Medium, and Large.  All you have to do to enter this contest is comment on this post with your favorite workout and what size you would like.  Take advantage of your next workout as a means to relieve your socialite stress.  Become a fan of Breeze Comfort on Facebook.

BodyRock Sport Releases the Empower ‘Em Collection

As you probably already know from all of the pink ribbons around, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Both retailers and individuals themselves do great work not just this month, but all year around so that someday we will live in a breast cancer free world. I was very touched by BodyRock Sport’s release of the Empower ‘Em line this month containing the first post-mastectomy sports bra. Now, women who have conquered cancer can now also conquer the gym.

Though I’m lucky to not have experienced the tragedy of breast cancer in my family, I feel that it’s my duty as a digital public figure to create awareness of the issue.  BodyRock, founded by fitness and fashion guru, Kelly Dooley, has always been committed to bringing fashion to the world of fitness.  Socialites and celebrities alike are often photographed going to and from the gym so it’s important to be stylish while working out or at least color coordinated.  Aside from sexy styles that will have any woman feeling like Kim Kardashian at the gym, they also feature unique fabrics and distinctive embellishments with smart details, such as built-in ipod pockets, zippered compartments, and comfortable tagless labels.