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Keeping Up With the Socialite Lifestyle: Staying Energized

We’re all familiar with the feeling of pure exhaustion. As an Aspiring Socialite, that feeling becomes inevitable when you’re constantly gallivanting from shows, meetings and parties. Luckily, this socialite has a few official yet humorous tips to stay energized in this fast paced world.

moringaMy number one go-to quick fix when I’m running around like a mad-woman is…yes… coffee. A Venti Latte from Starbucks, to be precise. Starbucks coffee is the strongest coffee I know and therefore the main brand of caffeine I resort to. However, the reason why I suggest you drink a latte is because of that small dose of protein intake. Protein is a “macronutrient”, which means that the body needs a relatively large amount of it. The body does not store protein and therefore can’t draw the nutrient from a reservoir when the body is lacking it. So it is necessary to intake protein whenever you can.

Having a balanced diet is extremely important as well. A daily balanced diet includes a combination of plenty of fruits and vegetables, starchy foods including bread, rice, potatoes and pasta and proteins including eggs, beans and dairy. You must also drink about eight glasses of water a day (that dirty-martini does not count). Don’t ever skip breakfast! This first meal is literally the fuel that gets you ready for the day. Those who eat breakfast are known to have more energy and do better at work overall. Those who skip it tend to be irritable and tired. So go ahead and have that egg sandwich with your Venti Latte.

Third, it is recommended that you take a daily multi-vitamin to keep you healthy and balanced. Vitamins, when taken overtime become stored within the body, thus your body will use the fuel from those nutrients that are already stored whenever necessary. Moreover, Magnesium is particularly important when it comes to your energy, so make sure that this is included in the multi-vitamin. Women are advised to take around 300 milligrams and 350 milligrams are recommended for men. A healthy dose of magnesium can also be found in a handful of almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, ran cereal and fish.

I am sure that you have heard of the old expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, a daily dose of moringa powder, the dried and powdered leaves of the Moringa tree, keeps the doctor at bay. The powder is filled with a number of nutrients, minerals and vitamins and benefits your health entirely. Because of the dense and purest form of nutrients within this plant, the body is able to keep its energy levels up in an effective manner. In other words, sprinkle this stuff on everything.

It’s also important to stay physically active to keep those energy levels up and any stress and anger down. Doing cardio about three times a week is enough for you to feel rejuvenated and mentally stable.

Lastly, get some sleep. Turn off that phone, get under the covers and watch an episode of your favorite show one night a week, followed by at least eight hours of sleep. No one likes to feel exhausted, let alone look exhausted. Remember, the only kind of bags you should ever have are designer bags. Not those under your eyes.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own.

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Labor Day Weekend in New Hampshire

I just spent an amazing Labor Day weekend at the Waterville Valley Resort in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. There I went hiking, enjoyed the great outdoors and attended a beautiful family wedding.

lake New Hampshire

Since half of my family lives up there, I’ve visited New Hampshire all my life. But, I still can’t get over the natural beauty of it’s lakes, forests and mountains. They always seem to bring out my outdoorsy side (even when I think I don’t have one). I hope to spend more time in New Hampshire next summer and go on a ski trip in the White Mountains this winter. Fingers crossed!

Congratulations to Casey and Brendan! You couldn’t have picked a better place to get married.

Hiking White Mountains New Hampshire

hiking New hampshire

New Hampshire hiking

Nature New Hampshire

Waterfall New Hampshire

Wildflowers New Hampshire

hiking in the woods

White Mountains New Hampshire

waterville valley resort


Cousin pic!

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Exploring Seattle

I recently took a trip with my boyfriend and his family to Seattle to explore the city and see his cousin get married. Being the super busy blogger/copywriter/traveler that I am, of course I waited until weeks after returning to NYC to post about it. During the trip, we visited the Pike Place Market, took a fab day trip to Bainbridge Island and went to Lairmont Manor in Bellingham for a beautiful wedding.  We also discovered delicious coffee shops and had a blast in Pioneer Square.

Pike Place Market Seattle Waterfront

Visiting Seattle reminded me just how much I love the chill culture of the West Coast. The East Coast is nice and all, but we really need to be more laid back out here. In Seattle, everything is so chill and laid back that you forget that it’s cloudy most of the time. After exploring and experiencing all the beautiful art, character and beauty of Seattle, I totally see why Starbucks, Edward Cullen and Christian Grey call it home. Can’t wait to visit again soon!

Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Space Needle

Bainbridge Island

Seattle Travel

Seattle Great Wheel

Cherry Street Coffee House

flowers Pike Place Market

Wedding Lairmont Manor


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Weekend Getaway to Connecticut

Looking to fit in one last weekend getaway before summer comes to an end? Whether you’re a family or a couple, Connecticut is the ideal destination. It’s the perfect place to relax, explore or wander. Here are my tips to get you started on planning your perfect summer weekend exploring this New England gem.

Advanced Waterfront

Rent a House

Connecticut has countless breathtaking properties. There are hip places to stay in town, as well as waterfront homes if that’s more your style. Make your dream waterfront home for sale in CT yours for the weekend. Rent a place with multiple bedrooms and split the trip with close friends; or find a sweet, romantic one bedroom for you and that special someone to relax.

Hit the Water

253 miles of shoreline along the Long Island Sound is yours to explore. Numerous rivers and lakes are ready for you to discover. An impressive 23 lighthouses illuminate the Sound, some of which you can tour yourself. I suggest taking a calming cruise on the water to unwind with some delicious wine.

The Food

Connecticut is home to some amazing dining experiences. They have a Food Truck Festival which is something you don’t want to miss. There are more than 40 food trucks for you to enjoy, which is more than enough variety for whatever your taste buds desire. In addition, there are also many delightful outdoor restaurants – perfect for a romantic summer evening.

Coastal Drives

There are some coastal routes that will take you right to the water where you can take in the Connecticut coastline. Bring along your bikes to cruise a trail at one of the state parks.

Casino Night

Join the locals and other visitors at one of Connecticut’s casinos. Dress to impress and you’re sure to have a ball.

Towns and Villages

Brand new outlets have just opened at Foxwoods. Connecticut is also home to a bunch of quaint towns and villages. Putnam is the perfect place to go for antique hunting and you’ll love the restaurants and cafes in the town center. The Quinebaug River winds through the middle of town.

If you make the trip to Connecticut I hope you have a great time! Already visited? Comment below if you have any suggestions for places to see or restaurants to check out.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own.

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Saturday Socialite Link Up

coffee socialite

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