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Valentine’s Day Party Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Looking for fab custom cocktail recipes for your Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day party? Whether you’re having a romantic evening with you’re one and only or watching chick flicks with your girlfriends, it’s always a must to have fancy cocktail recipes on hand. Here are a few cocktails that my friends at Van Gogh Vodka dreamed up for Valentine’s Day.

Pomegranate Sernade Valentine's Day Cocktail

Pomegranate  Serenade

2 oz. Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka
3 oz. Pink Lemonade
Pour ingredients into a rocks glass with ice and stir. Garnish with floating raspberries and a squeeze of lemon.

Pom-Punch Valentine's Day Cocktail


1 -1/2 oz. Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka
1 oz. Cranberry Juice
Splash of Soda
Sangria Fruit
Place vodka and cranberry juice in a mixing glass with ice. Shake vigorously to chill. Add in cut fruit and shake lightly. Pour mixture into a rocks glass. Add a splash of soda.

Chocolate Almond Kiss Valentine's Day Cocktail

Chocolate Almond Kiss

2 oz. Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka
1 oz. Hazelnut Liqueur
1/2 oz. Dark Crème de Cacao
Splash of Cream
Pour vodka, hazelnut liqueur and dark crème de cacao into a rocks glass filled with ice and stir. Top with a splash of cream and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Accessories:

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This Valentine’s Day Make Your Online Dating Life More Like Real Life with the WhoNow Dating App

When I came across the opportunity to review the latest cutting edge dating app just in time for Valentine’s Day, I immediately wondered if I was the right person to review it. After all, I have a serious boyfriend who I’ve been living with for three years. But then it occurred to me that I might just be the perfect person. They say you should never trust a skinny chef. So why should you trust a single person to give you dating advice? Armed with the knowledge I’ve gathered from being in a long committed relationship, I set out to try WhoNow, a dating app that allows you to give and get anonymous feedback from your friends.

WhoNow Dating App Online Dating Tips

Photo by: Zarif Taufiq

One of the biggest problems I had with online dating apps and websites when I was single was that they don’t mirror real life. It often becomes a forced and fake experience that you put a lot of work into, but don’t get a lot out of. That’s why I gave up on dating apps and started going to bars where I didn’t meet anyone either. In real life as on regular social media sites, you’re always getting feedback from and engaging with your friends. However, dating apps have traditionally asked us to go at it alone. That’s where WhoNow is different.

By allowing you to organize your relationships with anonymous comments and feedback from your trusted friends and followers, WhoNow lets your friends do half the work making dating less of a burden and a lot more fun. WhoNow also helps you make better dating decisions by allowing you to use polls, locations and images in post for better advice. Just like in real life getting feedback from friends on anything from finding a date to where you should go on your third date, is fast and simple. You can invite friends to join you on your dating journey using their phone numbers for a fast and secure one way invite. No need to worry about random followers. WhoNow is completely private. Your information will only be shared with the people you invite and comments from your trusted inner circle are 100% private.

With the help of our friends, we can all become better daters and have more fun doing it. So if you’re interested in changing your dating game or getting back into it, WhoNow is available for free download on iOS and Google Play.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own.

Acorn Disclosure

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Valentine’s Day Self-Love Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether or not you have special plans with an even more special someone or are a single gal out on the town, the best way to celebrate is by showing yourself a little love.

Valentine's Day Cupcake

By showing yourself some love, I mean treating yourself to something pretty and pink. It doesn’t have to be something big (unless you want it to be) just a little something that says “you’re awesome” like this Kate Spade Be Dazzling Amber Candle or this adorable Bow & Drape ‘I Like You A Latte’ Travel Mug.

If you’re planning a Galentine’s Day celebration, why not do a small gift exchange? Just borrow the classic Yankee Swap from Christmas, treat each other to cute Valentine’s Day themed gifts and you have yourself a party.

Personally, I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing this Valentine’s Day. It’s in the middle of New York Fashion Week and my boyfriend might be getting a root canal the day before. But I will be getting myself a little something, something!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day custom stationery

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m so thankful for all the love I’m feeling. Last night my boyfriend surprised me with roses and champagne. I’m so happy to have him in my life and thankful for all the ways we make each other better people. On top of all the romance, I’m ecstatic to have the love of my family, friends and readers. Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! xoxo

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Spending Valentine’s Day Online (Can Actually Be Fun)

It’s that time of year again where it feels like everyone is in love. If you are in love (like me) congratulations. But, if you’re single and spending Valentine’s Day alone, is that really such a bad thing? Of course not. If you can’t be with the one you love, there’s an app for that.

With everything you could be doing, there’s no reason to get caught up in the Valentine’s Day pressure. Here are my top 5 online activities to occupy yourself with on February 14th:

1. iTunes Movie Trailers (app or website)

How better to drown your sorrows or celebrate your celibacy than indulging in some movie trailers? Even if you’ve already read the book, the second “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer is worth watching.

2. Ruby Fortune (app or website)

Sit back with a drink and play the Ladies’ Night game on Ruby Fortune. Nothing adds a little glamour to a night more than some glitzy casino games. You can even have a few of your single girlfriends over for a virtual casino night.

3. Spotify (app or website)

It’s not Spotify itself that will make your night, it’s the playlist you create or search for.  Like love songs? How about this little song to melt even a snow queen’s heart:

4. Pizza Navigator (smartwatch app)

Now we’re talking! Pizza Navigator is the ultimate smartwatch app that directs you to the nearest pizzeria. What’s not to love?

5. Wake Up Well (smartwatch app)

Wake Up Well is better suited for February 15th when you may be a little hung over. This app uses the science of sleep to wake you up gently at an optimal time for your sleep cycle ensuring that you aren’t groggy throughout the day. It’s basically an artificial intelligence boyfriend.

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