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Valentine’s Day Self-Love Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether or not you have special plans with an even more special someone or are a single gal out on the town, the best way to celebrate is by showing yourself a little love.

Valentine's Day Cupcake

By showing yourself some love, I mean treating yourself to something pretty and pink. It doesn’t have to be something big (unless you want it to be) just a little something that says “you’re awesome” like this Kate Spade Be Dazzling Amber Candle or this adorable Bow & Drape ‘I Like You A Latte’ Travel Mug.

If you’re planning a Galentine’s Day celebration, why not do a small gift exchange? Just borrow the classic Yankee Swap from Christmas, treat each other to cute Valentine’s Day themed gifts and you have yourself a party.

Personally, I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing this Valentine’s Day. It’s in the middle of New York Fashion Week and my boyfriend might be getting a root canal the day before. But I will be getting myself a little something, something!

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14 Valentine’s Day Gifts (That Aren’t Corny)

Valentine's Day

From Left to Right: 1) Mulberry Valentine’s Day Alexia Satchel 2) Limited Edition Rose Duet Candle 3) Jewelry Heart & Key Necklace Set in Gold 4) Red and White Chocolate Covered Strawberries 5) Kate Spade Spade Bangle Bracelet 6) Deborah Lippmann Love Notes Lipstick and Nail Polish Set 7) Valentine’s Day Salad Plates 8) Cosabella Assorted Never Say Never Underwear 9) Tory Burch Logo Heart Studs 10) Zales Stackable Expressions 11) Dot Marc Jacobs Valentine’s Day Set 12) Three Dozen Peach Roses 13) Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Nail Polish 14) Big Heart Oversized Sweatshirt 

Whether you’re single or taken, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your love of fashion, pink hearts, and radiant red lipstick.  It’s also a great time of year to either get sent or send yourself a lovely bouquet of flowers.  That is of course if you even remember it’s Valentine’s Day in between viewing the latest Fall Collections at New York Fashion Week which runs from Feb. 7th-14th.  So before I get caught up in the glamour of viewing the next fall season at Lincoln Center, I’m putting together an amazing lists of Valentine’s Day gifts for every budget without the typical corniness that tends to follow this holiday.  So treat yourself or a friend to some Valentine’s Day fabulosity.  Or if you’re super subtile, send your significant other a link to this post.

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French-Inspired, New York Service: Ode a La Rose Delivers What Women Want for Valentine’s Day

Bonjour lovely Socialites!  I wish I knew how to say “socialite” in French.  After all, it is almost Valentine’s Day so it’s time to up the romance factor.  The French are known for being expert romantics so on Valentine’s Day it couldn’t hurt to take a hint from them.  Ode a La Rose is a Parisian style flower delivery service providing New Yorkers with beautiful fresh perfectly cut rose bouquets previously sold only in the corner flower shops of France.  French men know how a single bouquet of flowers can melt a woman’s heart.  So it’s no wonder that when the Ode a La Rose founders, Olivier and Louis, came to New York from France they started the only flower service that gives American men the opportunity to gift the boutique-level roses European women have taken for granted for centuries.  The best part is they are also affordable to lovers on any budget.  As a special touch, a photo of the bouquet is taken right before it leaves their chic workshop and emailed to the sender along with the exact delivery time.  Very classy!

If the email wasn’t classy enough, the bouquets are also hand-delivered the same day in their signature Ode a la Rose gift box.  The gift boxes are unlike any other and a presentation in themselves.  These signature boxes wittily state, “Aren’t you the lucky one?”  which is exactly what you are if you’re a woman in New York receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter.  In case you didn’t already know, the population of men to women in New York City doesn’t exactly work in any girl’s favor.  But, that shouldn’t stop you from dreaming or cause you to lower your dating standards.  Perhaps, Paris has more prospects.

This may really be your lucky day because Ode a La Rose is offering a special discount this Valentine’s Day.  To get 10% off your order,  “like” the Ode a la Rose Facebook page to obtain a promo code.  Oh Ruh-Vwar my loves!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts Inspired By Romantic Comedies

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  As a single lady, I always feel very left out of this sometimes overrated holiday.  But, I love the movies and the gifts.  Therefore, I think it’s awesome how the Valentine’s Day gifts I’ve been lusting over tie in so well with some of my fav romantic comedies.  I miss the Valentine’s Days in the early years of grade school when I would wake up to a basket of chocolates and money for me from my parents at the breakfast table followed by a day at school of doing absolutely no work, eating candy, and exchanging V-day cards with everyone in class.  Now, I walk around the city on this epic lovers’ holiday surrounded by thousands of people carrying around flowers and chocolates either for or from their significant other.  It’s depressing.

This year, however, I’m planning ahead by coming up with festive activities I can participate in such as a champagne induced dance party in my apartment to Beyonce’s Single Ladies followed by a screening of a romantic comedy.  I have’t seen Friends With Benefits yet so I think I may go with that movie.  Let me know if you want to join.