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Stylish Sleepwear


Feeling sleepy? We always think of style as a waking hours kind of thing. There’s certainly a surplus of adorable daytime looks for the office and edgy evening ensembles designed to command attention while out on the town. But, even the most fabulous of fashionistas often neglect the recommended 8 hours a day dedicated to sleep and quiet relaxation. In other words, not only are we not getting enough beauty sleep, we’re leaving a large chunk of our days/lives with a wardrobe of free t-shirts and decade-old sweatpants. Even I’m among the guilty.

That being said, I must admit that styling for bedtime isn’t easy. Whenever I make plans to go on a group vacation somewhere overnight, I always prepare by shopping for a cute pair of pajamas. However, when it comes to locating the perfect PJs, it’s incredibly difficult to find something that doesn’t look like sexy lingerie, Grandma’s nightie, or like you were shopping in the children’s department. The big department stores (both high and low-end) usually have the best sleepwear selections either close to or in their intimates department. I don’t recommend wearing makeup or couture to bed or anything, but with all the hours we spend sleeping, it’s time we made bedtime stylish again.


1. Jenni by Jennifer Moore Slinky Knit Tank Top and Pajama Pants Set  2. Gilligan & O’Malley Women’s Knit Black Chemise  3. Mary Green Sleeping Eye Mask  4. Yogi Wellness Bedtime Tea  5. Cosabella Amore Nightshirt

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