Introducing Choupette’s Diary Catnap Kit from The Goodnight Co.

Choupette’s Diary Catnap Kit The Goodnight Co

Is it bedtime yet? I love my beauty sleep and my catnaps just as much as any feline. So I’m super excited to introduce Choupette’s Diary Catnap Kit from The Goodnight Co! The silk pillowcase, silk sleep mask, silk travel case, travel sleep mist and ear plugs will keep you relaxed and rested wherever your luxurious life takes you. It’s perfect for a relaxing staycation too. I love that everything is made of silk. It’s such a testament to Choupette’s personality and passion for luxury (yes, I know her personally).

Beauty sleep helps promote everything from weight loss to anti-aging. So if you’re looking to stay skinny and young, the catnap kit is a must along with a healthy diet and exercise of course. Nap time is truly one of the rarest luxuries out there and Choupette’s Diary Catnap Kit makes it even better. But, you better move fast. Only 500 kits are available. So get yours soon so you can post your epic #ChoupetteXGoodnightCo Instagram before drifting off to sleep.

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