When Frugal Meets Fashion – Easy Ways to Save Money on Clothes

When money is tight it may seem like a love of fashion and senses of style have to be abandoned, but here are some smart ideas that show that fashion can be frugal and fabulous at the same time.

how to save money on clothes

Look for online deals

Sign up for email newsletters from retailers. Retailers use these as a form of advertising so they are a great place to find discount vouchers and information about upcoming sales. You can also sign up for a voucher site. Voucher sites such as Couporando give discounts at online or high street retailers like Hush, meaning that the latest trends can be purchased for a fraction of the price.

Shop out of season

This needs some forward thinking and planning, but buying clothes at the wrong time of the year can save money and help you prepare for the next season. Autumn or winter is a perfect time of year to stock up on t-shirts, swimwear and flip flops for the summer holidays, while the sales at the end of the winter season are perfect to purchase a new cosy coat to be stored for the following winter.

Have a clothes swapping party

Instead of throwing out clothes that no longer fit or that have been worn too often, why not invite some friends over and have a clothes swapping party! The saying goes that what is one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure, so that dress which has been lying forgotten in the back of your closet might just be perfect for a friend who has a date this weekend.

Bring and buy

Some great bargains can be found in charity shops, especially if they can be customized or altered. So when you do a good deed and donate clothes you no longer want to the local second hand store, why not stop and take a look around. With some digging, a great fashion item could be waiting there for you!

Don’t forget about supermarkets

Lots of supermarkets now have a wide range of fashion for both women and men and the prices tend to cater to those on a budget. They are especially good for basics such as vests, tops and leggings, which can be mixed with more expensive on trend pieces. You can also find cheap accessories like scarves, statement necklaces or earrings that can be used to make an impact and liven up a basic outfit.

Build a core wardrobe

Use basic items to build a core wardrobe that will give you the most use and versatility. Ensure anything new purchased can be worn with the other items so that it will not be forgotten and lay unworn. This means that several outfits can be put together quickly and easily, and each item will give great value for the money.

Living on a budget doesn’t have to mean giving up a love of fashion. With some planning and some clever purchasing, shopping and looking great can be fun and frugal.

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