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Fashions of the Late 60s and Early 70s Modeled By My Mom

70s fashion

From hippies to housewives, the vintage styles of the late 60s and early 70s were totally fab. I’ve always seen this era in fashion as transitional and rebellious. For the first time, women were showing off their legs in mini skirts, going braless in halter-tops and embracing nature with hippie styles.

When my Mom posted the above photo of her in 1971 for ‘Throwback Thursday,’ I was completely fascinated by the fashion and how gorgeous she looked. So I asked her to send me more photos of her late 60s/early 70s style.

In the above photo, she’s wearing the short-lived craze known as the maxi skirt. Having grown up in Caracas, it was probably a short-lived fad for her as the mini skirt was more favorable for the tropical weather in Venezuela. She’s also wearing Native American-inspired beaded jewelry that was very popular. I love both the necklace and the belt!

Late 60s

1969 – Low rise velvety bell-bottom pants with wide belts were the rage. Jewelry was anything that looked hippie like beads or flowers as reflected in my Mom’s necklace.

70s makeup

1972 – It’s hard to see in this picture, but if you look closely at the makeup, the line in the middle of the eyelid is one color shadow while the shadow on the bottom is a completely different color. I should try this sometime.

70s Style

1973 – Pig tails with long 70s hair. My Mom often wonders how salons stayed in business during the 70s because she never had anything done to her hair as long and natural was the style of choice.

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NYFW Contest: Help Betsey Johnson Find Her Vintage Pieces

Here’s yet another reason to be psyched out of your mind for New York Fashion Week!  Fashion icon and idol Betsey Johnson is hosting the ultimate contest giving fans on Facebook the chance to win a ticket to her runway show in September.  Through August 20th, Facebook fans are encouraged to submit photos of their beloved Betsey Vintage pieces from the 60s (Paraphernalia), 70s (Alley Cat), and 80s (Punk Label) to be entered to win the following life changing prizes:

  • Grand Prize Winner will receive one ticket to the Betsey Johnson runway show
  • Runner-up Winners will receive personal artwork from Betsey herself

All selected winners will see their vintage pieces on the catwalk, but all will be returned at the end of the runway show.

Don’t waste time – Click Here to quickly get to the Betsey Johnson Facebook page to enter!  And don’t forget to include #BJTreasureHunt with every posting!

If you’re reading this Betsey, I sadly don’t have any of your vintage pieces, but I would really like a ticket to your NYFW show!

Retro-Inspired Swimwear for Your Next Poolside Bash

Over the summer on the east coast and all year round in L.A, socialites get their share of invites to awesome A-list pool parties. Since these fun events will most likely involve swimming, aside from swimsuit and beach cover-ups, not many clothing options are available to these events. Water may keep you from bringing your cell phone near the pool/party area, but it won’t deter the paparazzi whatsoever. Therefore, you need to be both pool and photo ready.

Retro-inspired swimwear is a great wear to show style both on land and under the water. Combine this look with a floppy hat and a retro hairstyle and you have a photo ready summer look. When you are going for a retro look, remember that less is more. Focus more on the “inspired” than the “retro” part of “retro-inspired.” You still want to look like you are living in 2011, just with a flare of the styles worn by the socialites of the past decades.