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Ninth Avenue International Food Festival 2012

For almost two years, I’ve been a resident of Ninth Ave.  I love my Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood because it’s so easy to walk to most places in Midtown Manhattan.   The name Hell’s Kitchen only sounds scary.  Decades ago it was a high crime area, but now it’s just a part of the city where there are a lot of restaurants so the name kind of stuck.  Every year around this time, they hold the Ninth Ave. International Food Festival that spans from 42nd-57th Streets.  It’s basically the urban version of a county fair and features food from all over the globe.

Though it was only here Saturday and Sunday, naturally, I attended the festival four times stocking up on empanadas, pad thai, spring rolls, pirogues, samosas, lemonade, and sangria.  I even got a psychic reading that was pretty accurate.  Walking up and down Ninth Ave. on a beautiful day experiencing food from all over the world made me so thankful to be living in New York.  I may have many dreams that have yet to come true, but at least one already has.

Home Sweet Home on Ninth Ave.